Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Washington Times Slams Edsall . . . Because He's a Hoser

Dan Daly lays a 2 x 4 to Randy Edsall as a "[personification] of a backwards landscape." Daly makes the point as clearly as anyone: "If Edsall has a beef against Vanderbilt, feels there might have been improper contact with any of the players, by all means let’s get it out in the open. Don’t hand us this vague suspicion of 'things you feel might have taken place.' Explanations don’t get much lamer than that." Exactly.

If there was any doubt about Edsall's real motivation, his interview with Chick Hernandez should disspell any notion this is is about anything other than Randy's bruised ego and megalomania. Although Edsall certainly has a "right" to prevent Danny O'Brien, Max Garcia, and Mario Rowson from transferring to Vanderbilt, that doesn't mean he should. At some point, one would hope the higher-ups at Maryland would implore their football coach to do the right thing. Paging Kevin Anderson...paging Kevin Anderson.

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