Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Edsall Speaks, Defends "Right" to Hold O'Brien and Others Hostage

Edsall "defended" the stipulations preventing O'Brien, Max Garcia, and Mario Rowson from transferring to Vanderbilt saying: "There are going to be schools on there that you might complete against or if there are things that we feel may have taken place you might put schools on that list. We have that prerogative to put those schools on that list, the players have the prerogative that if they want to appeal, that they can appeal that as well." Edsall goes on to say: "If we have the right to do what we need to do, the player has the right to do what he needs to do in terms of the appeal process and that's how it goes."

This is complete crap. "If there are things that we feel may have taken place" is not a credible explanation for preventing a kid (or kids) from transferring to a school coached by the guy who recruited him in the first place. After watching that, does anyone doubt that this is all sour-grapes from Edsall who doesn't like the fact that Franklin's success at Vanderbilt (especially when compared to his 2-10 debut campaign at Maryland) is what is motivating his intransigence? Edsall's quip, "If we have the right to do what we need to do," is much more in line with what is clearly going on.

Frankly, it's sad. Randy Edsall is holding 3 players' future hostage because he doesn't like the fact Vanderbilt and James Franklin have caused many Terrapin fans to wonder whether they made the right call in letting Franklin come to Nashville.

UPDATE: Just saw this from Dan Steinburg in his blog on the Washington Post. He feels me.

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