Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Worldwide Leader Weighs in: Edsall is a Hoser

OK, maybe that's not a direct quote, but it is certainly the sentiment in Edward Aschoff's post on's College Football Nation Blog. Although Aschoff alludes to accuastions of improper contact by Franklin, I think this observation strikes at the heart of the absurdity of Edsall's intransience: "The problem is that there really isn't much of a reason to put Vanderbilt on this list. He bolted from UConn to Maryland because it was his 'dream job' but these players can't head to Vanderbilt to finish out their football careers?" (I add parenthetically, to play for the Coach who recruited them and appears far more interested in their development as players)

As's ACC blogger Heather Dinich notes, however, Edsall's been mismanaging things since he got to College Park.

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