Saturday, July 23, 2011

James Franlkin's First SEC Media Day

Jeff Lockridge's recap in the Tennessean

Vanderbilt Seniors Smell Bowl - Tennessean's Jeff Lockridge

Complete SEC Media Day Coverage -


VandyImport said...

I gotta give it to Casey just for the vest. 3-piece suit steps up the game.

AD said...

Knoxville, unsurprisingly, isn't buying what CJF is selling, as displayed in this slideshow-summary-blog thing they use over there:

Any clues as to when single-game tickets go on sale for the season opener?

Anonymous said...

Two things will always suck.

ut and american idol

You were probably going to say "death and taxes" right?

In that case, make it FOUR things.

Anonymous said...

Josh Grady just posted this pic of Dante Fowler and Matt Jones in VU's locker room on twitter:

These guys are committed to FSU and UF, respectively. Fowler is a 5 star and Jones is a 4 star Would be insanity to get either one of these guys.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of knoxville, this week is the bar exam: yet another chance for VU to dominate rockytop.