Saturday, July 23, 2011

Gray's Tweet Gives Commodore Fans Glimmer of Hope

Here's the tweet that caught the attention of the San Francisco Chronicle's John Shea:
Me and @coreyw24 got our apartment at vandy for next year and let me tell ya. It is sweet.. #notbad #penthouse
Let the speculation begin:
"Does that mean the pitcher is returning to Vanderbilt for his senior year? Or is it simply a negotiating ploy? In his Tweet, Gray was referring to Corey Williams, a third-round pick by Minnesota who's also unsigned.

The deadline to sign for draftees with college eligibility remaining is Aug. 15, and A's scouting director Eric Kubota said the Gray talks are progressing fine.'"
Obviously, the return of either Gray or Williams would drastically improve the starting pitchers Coach Tim Corbin is able to send to the hill, the idea that they both might be back is too much to process.

The deadline is August 15th, and we'll be tracking developments for all the Commodores who have eligibility left. To track what actually happens with my uninformed prognostications, check out this post from June 27th.


AD said...

The Commodore-Tigers definitely are pros. Casali debuted here in West Michigan last night. Unfortunately, his error led directly to a run scored in the first, but it would be the visitors' only run. Casali walked in what appears to be his only at bat of the night against the Royals' affiliate.

Anonymous said...

Just got the email that Gray signed with Oakland

AD said...!/VandyBaseball/status/95672682951086080