Thursday, July 21, 2011

Anchor of Gold on the Impact Mike Slive's Proposed Reforms

AoG gets it done with this post. On Wednesday, SEC Commissioner Mike Slive laid out a series of reforms designed to alter and fix the decaying world of college athletics (here's the AP story as well). The 4 major elements to the Slive plan are as follows:
1. Introducing multi-year scholarships to college football based on a "Cost-of-Attendance" rate.
2. Raising the GPA requirement for freshmen athletes from a 2.0 average to a 2.5 average in core classwork.
3. Resetting and reforming current recruiting rules, thanks to the recent developments of the past decade.
4. Increasing NCAA scrutiny of coach, team, and player violations.
Frankly, all the ideas make a tremendous amount of sense. I find #1 particularly compelling and think it is a way of showing student athletes that schools value their educations even if they're no longer lacing 'em up.

What do you think, VSLNation?

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Seth said...

ESPN's BBall cover story is about former Vandy basketball assistant, King Rice. Good read and insight into stuff I never knew about. Check it out if you havent.

I know this is a football article but I always check to see if stuff is written up on Vandy basketball, ha.