Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oregon State Beats UGA; Beavers Headed to Music City

The Commodores know who their Super Regional opponent will be: the Beavers of Oregon State. What will the Literary Man do?


Anonymous said...

F**K the Beavers.

Go Dores!

Greg M said...

Yea. What he/she said!!!!

Geaux Dores!

Sdubs said...

As a former resident of the Beaver State, I find OSU to be almost as noxious as the Institution of Tennessee Volunteers (I refuse to call that place a university). This calls for turning my heckling volume up to 11 next week at the Hawk, as well as finding some ducks fans back in Oregon that will be complicit in driving to Corvallis this week and painting a big VU star on OSU's practice field.