Monday, June 6, 2011

VSL's 2011 MLB Draft Coverage: Gray Headed to Oakland

Sonny Gray was selected #18 overall and is headed to the Oakland A's. I was very concerned he'd end up with Boston. We'll update you on the other Commodores selected.

Update: Commodore signee Tyler Beedea, a RHP from Massachusetts was selected 21st overall by the Toronto Blue Jays. Jeff Lockridge's Twitter gets Corbin's reaction: "It's a matter of a team that's going to have enough money to buy him out ... that's what it amounts to." More: "We’ve had kids like that before who have fallen in that area and decided to come to college. So there is reason to hold out hope."

Update: Kevin Comer, RHP from the swamps of Jersey, taken by Blue Jays at 57. He's 6'4, 210 pounds.

Grayson Garvin taken at #59 by the Tampa Bay Rays. All these Commodores in the AL East are killing me

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