Sunday, January 2, 2011

Preliminary Schedule Analysis

To say this is premature is an understatement. But this is a blog, and you know you've been thinking how many games the Commodores are going to win next year.

With that in mind, we draw your attention to Braden Gall's SEC Schedule Analysis on Athlon Sport's website, as well as Bill Connelly's piece on SBNation.

Gall says, at first glance, the Commodores have the second easiest SEC schedule of anyone in the conference, behind only Georgia, who have to be feeling great about their prospects next season given the hand they've been dealt from the scheduling gods (Gall's ready to crown 'em in the SEC East).

While perhaps overly simplistic, Connelly's prejections have the Commodores going 9-3overall, losing only to South Carolina, Georgia, and Missouri in conference play:
Your big winner: Vanderbilt. They draw Auburn (at home) instead of Arkansas, and sending Florida and Tennessee to Nashville flips those tight results. (This assumes, of course, that Vandy has the same homefield advantage as other SEC schools. Everybody got the same seven-point flip in this exercise.) This does suggest that, if James Franklin's Commodores are going to make a move, next year would be a pretty good time.

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