Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dai-Jon Parker Helps Take Down Austin Rivers

Dai-Jon Parker one of our big time recruits for next year took on #1 National Basketball recruit Austin Rivers' (thats Celtic Coach Doc Rivers kid) team Winter Park. Rivers is committed to Duke and is supposedly a supremely talented guard. So its nice to see that Parker's Milton High team defeated Winter Park for the 2nd time in under 2 weeks. Even better is the fact that its Dai-Jon's job to cover Rivers and kept him in check both times. Here are some highlights with a lot of time given to Dai-Jon (he is #23). Hat tip to Jesse over at for the link.


Anonymous said...

they played this at the marquette/vandy game right before tip off. i approve

Unknown said...

Black and yellow! Black and yellow!

Scuba said...

Jarred Amato, ha glad to see you read this blog also.