Sunday, January 2, 2011

Well That Was About As Good a First Half As Possible

Commies are up 52-24, Taylor has 16, Brad 11, LG has been an animal on defense. The only negative is that Walker and Jenkins are both out with injuries sustained in practice (ankle for Andre and a concussion for John).

On a more random note my buddy just texted me, he found a 1984 Florida Gators SEC Championship ring (not sure if it is from football or baseball) buried in the dirt in Wildwood, NJ today. Umm ok.

Anyway post whatever your thoughts on the game are.


Anonymous said...

I think you ended that sentence with a preposition

Andrew H. Banecker said...

No, it was a verb. It was an awkward sentence construction, surely, but forms of the verb "to be" are never prepositions.

Anonymous said...

could VU crack the coaches poll this week? we shall see

Anonymous said...

indeed we have. #22 in AP/#24 in coaches poll.

we've arrived. now let's stay