Friday, November 19, 2010

Puerto Rico Heartbreak: Vanderbilt Loses to WVU on Buzzer-Beater

I have not seen the game footage, but according to ESPN LiveStats Vanderbilt lost in heartbreaking fashion this afternoon. After battling back from a 44-33 halftime deficit and a 65-55 margin with just over 5:00 to play, Vanderbilt rallied behind the sharpshooting John Jenkins (27 pts, 5 reb) to tie the game at 71 with 33 seconds to play. West Virginia held for the last shot, and sank a three-point attempt just before time expired. With two seconds remaining, it appears Rod Odom missed an attempt to send it into overtime. Devastating.

I am proud and encouraged to see that Vanderbilt showed character and fought back from a significant margin against a strong Big East team; that JJ rediscovered his stroke; and that Rod Odom showed some huge potential coming off the bench to help out (11 pts). I am demoralized to see that Jeff Taylor played only 14 minutes and was 1 of 4 from the field with 5 points. Update: Apparently he fouled out (thanks Eazy E). The fact that 53 fouls were called and 73 free throws shot in this game is truly insane. I don't know if I'll be able to watch the recording.

More updates to come. Vandy plays the loser of UNC-Minnesota Sunday at 4:30 CST on ESPN2. It will be another great challenge no matter who they face.


Unknown said...

JT got five ticky-tacky fouls, only one of which should have been called. It was a ridiculously refereed game.

Stanimal said...

I got caught up with something today and had to watch the game later on DVR. I also missed the last 3:00 minutes of the game because of an amateur hour move of not DVRing the next program and it running out.

That being said, this is about as "good" as a loss can get. Taylor had 3 fouls with about 12 minutes left in the first half, got a real quick fourth foul at the start of the second half, and then fouled out after being in for only about 2 minutes or so at the end of the game. In other words, he was a non-factor.

Even with that, the Commodores battled back really well in the second half. The way we played after the break was exactly what Vanderbilt fans should have hoped to have seen yesterday and in the first half of this game. For as much grief as I gave Festus yesterday, he came right back out and answered in this game with a strong performance in the paint, from the line, and on the boards. Lance Goulbourne really impressed me with his rebounding as well, as did Steve Tchiengang. We were being outrebounded in the first half, and managed to beat a really good rebounding West Virginia team by 1 in the second.

The shots finally started to fall for Jenkins, who came out cold and then lit up the second half. Tinsley really struggled from the perimeter again. I still maintain that his shooting will come back around, but it's obviously taking time.

Our freshmen have to get a lot of recognition for their performance today. I really liked the way Fuller ran the point. He provides an excellent change of pace and allows us to get out into a transition game a little better than Tinsley. Additionally, his quickness allows him to handle high pressure up top a little better.

I am starting to think that Rod Odom may be our answer at the four spot. Odom is a much better shooter than I anticipated and has an excellent feel for the floor. Additionally, he does a great job on defense and uses his length really well. While he may not be as bulky as Andre, he provides an offensive "kick" that we don't get from Andre with his outside game.

The important thing to take away from this game is that Vandy hung with a tournament quality team with their best player being a non-factor. The way they battled in the second half was very impressive, and there's no shame in falling here. Vandy will get another quality game against either Minnesota or UNC on this trip, and that is more than adequate out of an early season tournament.

Unknown said...

this was game was all sorts of ugly. the refs were horrendous, but equally so for each side.

odom and fuller were huge bright spots. odom can create his own show against good defenders and fuller made truck bryant look silly on a lightning quick spin move. he got into the lane at will and created some shots for others. can't be too upset with this one. it makes the next game a lot more important for the non-SEC resume.

macpfled said...

First things first, Kyle Fuller's spin move was one of the pretty basketball plays I have ever seen, and my two non Vandy fan roommates agree. He is going to be a stud and needs more minutes asap, defensively he is ready for anybody, its just getting some experience that will take him to the next level quick.

Secondly, we absolutely no doubt in mind lost this game because the refs called 8-10 ghost fouls on Steve, Ezeli, and Taylor. I watched on DVR and can guarentee those were bad calls. Not to mention the three flops WVU players took in the opening minutes to slow down our hot start and get Stallings a T. And I mean flops!

Thirdly, we could have overcome the horrendous calls if we had guarded the ONLY offensive player on their team! All of his threes were wide open, and the one at the end is just stupid.

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day, some guys didn’t show up. Not saying the fouls weren’t getting out of hand, but they were balanced out by the end of the game. Taylor has not lived up to expectations thus far, it’s mainly been the John Jenkins show. It’s frustrating to see him not dominate inside like he should be doing and Stallings seems to be “ok” with it. Someone needs to sit Taylor down and let him know how much this season rides on him being the leader night in and night out. Sure, he’s due a bad game every now and then, but against the 2 teams we’ve played from Big 6 Conferences, he hasn’t showed up. 5 points against WVU isn’t going to cut it. Jenkins also looks like he won’t be affected by the “sophomore slump”. Go Dores.

Unknown said...

it's sad how short our memories are. tinsley drops a trip-dub and two games later we want the freshman in. sad, but i agree. he is very fast. macpfled made a huge homer call here... it was an excellent spin move, mac, but it couldn't have been one of the prettiest bball plays you have ever seen. fuller had a sweet showing tonight, but we should temper our expectations and not forget that he is still quite young, while tinsley has lots of big game experience.

johnny cash stepped up in jt's absence. it was nice to see that. but, the glaring mistake on the last three of the game had me screaming. i don't know how he left the hottest shooter in PR open.

that was clearly the most boring game i have ever seen. it had zero flow. way too many fouls. even if i had been a wvu fan, i would have been yawning by the end. fire those refs.

odom did look nice. they compared him to dan langhi! classic.

Anonymous said...

how about those two vandy fans getting tossed for berating the refs?

Chuck Heston said...

I wasn't one of them. The only time I can recall that a college basketball official stopped play and threw a fan out of the stadium. I didn't think they had the authority. Apparently, the fans in question were shouting to the ref's asking them how much money they were taking to call the game.

I suspect Puerto Rican rum may have been an accomplice.

I'm actually concerned now that we're facing UNC. I was hoping for at least 2 wins in the Tournament. Still possible, look for JT to have a major comeback.

Josh VU! said...

I thought it would be a UNC Vandy championship game in PR. Well I was wrong but we still get the game I was hoping for from the time I heard the teams playing in this tourni. Roy and co. have alot more to play for than we do. What if UNC only comes out of this tourni with a win against Hofstra? Woof. What if we come out with a win against UNC? Holla! Major pub and a HUGE win for the resume.

Two things need to happen. 1) Cant have the same refs we did yesterday. I love Stallings, but he pissed those refs off with his "22-7" comments. I thought it was great, but the refs didnt.... 2) Jeff Taylor HAS TO SHOW UP!!! He has to step up and be the leader/ dominant player of this game. Jeff cant be this years AJ and show up when he feels like it. He has to be more consistent and our go too guy.

The Grasshoper will get the better of his Master tomorrow in PR!

macpfled said...

will you elaborate on this 22-7 comment?

Josh VU said...

Stallings was messing with the refs and thier foul calling. At one point, Vandy had 22 fouls to WV's 7. He kept screaming out "22-7" everytime a ref came within shouting distance. At this point he already had a technical foul. The refs threatend to kick Stallings out of the game... Give me Kevin over Bob anyday.