Saturday, November 20, 2010

Vanderbilt Falls to UT 24-10

Watching a poorly played football game is bad enough, but doing so in a sea of orange is almost too much to bear. Statistically, the Commodores played well enough to win. But alas, they didn't. Vanderbilt's inability to execute and convert, a problem that has plagued this team for almost the entire season. Tonight's game was a chance for Vanderbilt to confound expectations and show that, despite everything that's happened this season, progress was being made. It was also a chance for, in my view, Coach Caldwell to definitively save his job. This is not to say that Vanderbilt's lost tonight sealed Coach Caldwell's fate. It's also not to say that Coach Caldwell shouldn't be given a full season (including off-season) to see what he can do. Unlike many (if not most) Commodore fans, I am quiet conflicted about whether Robbie Caldwell should be brought back for another season. What I do know is the team's performance certainly didn't held his chances.


Ashton said...

I totally disagree. Tonight, Robbie earned his job for next year. He coached a great game and had a good game plan. I was up on my feet in the stands thinking we had a chance with a score at 17-10 and us kicking the onside kick. It’s not Robbie’s fault Larry Smith can’t throw a pass or our receivers can’t catch. Those were pretty plays our guys couldn’t convert. If we want blame coaches, let’s blame Jimmy Kiser who obviously can’t coach quarterback(s). Robbie has made it clear he will make significant changes (fire dead weight) in the off season. Can you imagine if we had Norman or Stacey? Might have won that game tonight.

I like Robbie, our recruits like Robbie, I honestly feel like our guys like Robbie… sure he had some bad losses but he inherited a mess. Anyone think that game would have been better with Bobby at the helm? I don’t because Jimmy Kiser would still be calling plays. He earned one more year to do things HIS way. He’s done a decent job on the recruiting trail and think he knows what he has to do to (fire Jimmy, take away Cain’s coordinator/ coaching responsibilities, and promote Herb Hand to OC) please this fan base who all of sudden expects excellence after winning one bowl game in 50+ years. Give the guy one more year. What if we had gotten rid of Stallings when he was on the hot seat heading into the 06-07 season?

Anonymous said...

It’s not Robbie’s fault Larry Smith can’t throw a pass or our receivers can’t catch.

*** B. S. ***

He and most of his Bobby Johnson staff have been here 9 years. The buck stops with them. They are paid large sums of $$$$ to field a team that can compete. Two years removed from a bowl win, we are back to "SOV" - actually (i)CRC should have been 5hitcanned at the halftime of the Florida game when we were down 41-0.

Ashton said...

Yea that comment was stupid and I apologize. Robbie should be kept accountable for the player’s performance, naturally. He also should be kept accountable for the coaches as well. He has promised significant changes and I think it will be to cut ties with Jimmy Kiser, the QB coach of the past few years. He already demoted him from OC and had his chance to secure his place as QB coach but failed. Pretty sure he coached Cutler (could be wrong) and that’s the only remotely solid QB we have had in this staffs tenure. We can’t afford to keep this guy around for another year. Larry threw so many low and short passes with wide-open guys and clear looks last night. Something isn’t clicking and I think its Kiser.

Robbie went out at the beginning of the year and got a slam-dunk hire in Herb Hand. The OL played well last night, and given what he has to work with, he has done a good job. Robbie could have promoted from within for the new OL but instead he went out and got a good coordinator. I think he will do the same with a new QB coach. We have a solid defensive staff and bright spots with our offensive staff. I just think Robbie gets it and will do what needs to be done to please the fans, donors, and the program to take us to the next level. He will be more loyal to the program than the staff, something the hurt Bobby in the end.

Robbie started out the season well and then hit a very rough patch in the middle of the season. This team is playing OK right now, especially given what they have to work with. Giving him one more season will not set the program back years and years. If he doesn’t get between 4 – 6 wins next year, with 4 wins pushing it (depends on who those wins are against), then he should be let go. Id hate for us to not give this guy a full year to do things his way. I think we could miss out on a great opportunity if he let him go.

Vandygal78 said...

We need a bold statement for next year with or without Caldwell. I realize that he did make a few changes that were good like getting Herb Hand and getting Des to cover the play calling. We did have a good game plan. Reading other comments, I realize that he intends many more changes that he couldn't implement before the season started. The guys love him and he has recruited well. It just occurred to me that another change would be tough for our team. I am now leaning towards staying with Caldwell. I hope he discuses the changes he would make with a one more year after the WF game.

Anonymous said...

I hope he doesn't have a job after the Wake game. For the long-term good of the program. Time to end the sentimental b.s. and bring in a big-name coach, put a bubble over the practice field, finish renovations of the stadium, etc.

Anything less and this program will be totally permanently screwed.

Anonymous said...

If Caldwell is retained, he should elevate Coach hand to OC. Move Kitchens back to RB coach and terminate all other coaches primarily on the offensive side of the ball. He should also go out and find a credible wr and qb assistant coach to help to evaluate existing talent and coach better technique to our skill players. Coaches Ted Cain, Charlie Fisher, and Jimmy Kiser should all be fired without question. Lastly, in the post season depth chart, he should "pencil in" Jordan Rogers or another qb for next season. It is painfully obvious that Larry Smith is a good guy and gives 100% effort but is not an SEC quarterback. There are many schools with problems on the offensive line but have a much more accurate qb. While the wr play was awful for most of the last 2 seasons, LS could not hit open wr's for most of the season the few times that they were open. The last 2 seasons experiment trying to make Udom, Cole, Herndon, and Wimberly into sec wr's needs to stop; play the young guys. If Caldwell stays, then he needs to make significant changes to both players and coaching staff. It's way past time...