Friday, November 19, 2010

Pearl Suspended For First 8 SEC Games

The SEC has suspended UT Coach Bruce Pearl( for the first 8 games of the SEC season (running from January 8 till February 5) and he is prohibited from participating in all games/practices/meetings or any other activities during that time EXCEPT!!!!!!!!! he gets to coach on January 22 because UT has a non-conference game scheduled against UConn.

In a weird way the fact that he can coach on the 22nd will make UT and Coach Pearl look even worse and wouldn't be surprised if they decide to hold him out of the UConn game as well.

Anyway this is pretty significant and doesn't mean Pearl's off the hook yet because the NCAA is still investigating (they seem to be looking into nearly every sport at UT in a wide-ranging investigation in which I'm hoping the NCAA slaps UT with "lack of institutional control").

I still think this all ends with Pearl getting fired or forced to resign once the NCAA rules but that probably won't be till late spring/early summer.


Someone on pointed out this means Pearl will not be on the bench for when ESPN College Gameday does the Vandy at UT Men's/Women's double-header on January 15th. Hopefully, ESPN shows an "Outside the Lines" report talking about how dirty UT's program is but I would doubt it.

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Greg said...

This thing is fishy, real fishy. This suspension has me thinking two things

1. They are trying to run Bruce Pearl out of Knoxville. How can the guy not be frustrated? Sure, what he did was wrong/ stupid and he should be punished, but it’s getting a little extreme. He hasn’t even been handed down his punishments from the NCAA. Tennessee basketball is in a much better place than it was when Bruce arrived, and would be considered a top tier job for an up-and-coming/ high profile coach. They have great facilities and Bruce has shown you can win consistently at UT. His first 5 seasons have consisted of a #1 ranking, 20+ win seasons, 5 trips in 5 seasons to the NCAA Tourni, two #2 seeds in the NCAA Tourni, 3 Sweet 16’s and 1 Elite Eight. That aint’ bad folks. In the end, they aren’t going to fire Bruce Pearl because the fan base would go nuts. They (the fans) still love Bruce in Knoxville. That’s why I think this ruling is showing the SEC wants him out of Knoxville, not the administration.

2. This is all a publicity stunt. Has anyone looked at who UT plays in this “suspension”? @ Arkansas, Florida, Vanderbilt, @ Georgia, (@UCONN), LSU, @ Mississippi, @ Auburn, and Alabama. Oh yeah, they get Bruce back for the UCONN game. ESPN and every sports outlet in the country won’t be all over that game. Not to mention Bruce’s triumphant return to the SEC will be @ Rupp Arena. Again, ESPN and every media outlet will be eating up those two high profile games b/c of Bruce. I don’t care if Florida and Vanderbilt are in Knoxville, because Tennessee will be favored at home. Tennessee’s only road challenge/ trip up game will be against will be @ Georgia. I saw the games Bruce was suspended for with my roommates, who are Vol fans/ Bruce supporters and said, “Wow, we really drew the luck card on that suspension (followed by the obnoxious Tennessee Vol cackle).” Even they realize their coach isn’t missing much. In the end, this could be used in TN’s favor saying “Bruce has already been punished by the SEC” hoping this might soften the blow by the NCAA. Also, (pretty sure) Bruce said he understood and respected the ruling. He knows he’s safe.

I know the latter is stretch, but isn’t it plausible (I’m also really bored watching the MINN/ UNC game wondering who the Dores will get)? Either way, this isn’t going to end up with Tennessee firing Bruce Pearl. It’s too risky of move for an already shaky Mike Hamilton. If anything, he will resign.