Monday, August 30, 2010

VSL Hotline: Back to the Grind, Edition

The "grind" refers not to the Commodores, but rather to me, who starts a new job today. Meaning, VSL will probably not be as "current" as it could be. We're not falling off, but we do have mouths to feed.

Out with the Old, In with the New?

Two stories deserve the attention of VSLNation. The first appears in today's Nashville City Paper about why Bobby Johnson's face is still on the mural of Vanderbilt coaches that adorns the wall of what used to be U Greek, Me Greek on West End Ave. J.R. Lind pens the story that indicates the change is neither a "priority," or readily apparent who is in charge. Given the relatively modest expense associated with updating the mural ($1,500), and the visibility of the painting, I find it amazing it's taken this long both for an article to be written about why it hasn't changed, and for the thing not to actually be changed to include Coach Caldwell. Pleadge-drive, VSLNation? I've got a job now, I'm in for $50. Who's with me?

Jeff Lockridge writes a long over-due feature of Coach Robbie Caldwell in today's Tennessean that is a definite must-read. Going beyond the "lovable bumpkin" trope that permenated the coverage of CRC since SEC Media Day, Lockridge paints a great picture of a long-time assistant coach who is getting his shot at controlling the reins who is also a person beyond the gridiron. This is the kind of story you hope every recruits parents have read when wondering who will be looking after their son while he plays football in the SEC.

The Nitty-Gritty

Larry Smith named QB1 for the Commodores. The Tennessean and Nashville City Paper both have the story. For me, the more interesting aspect to the story is Jared Funk as #2 on the depth chart. Absent a catastrophe, we won't be seeing Jordan Rodgers this season, which, all things considered, might not be the worst thing in the world.

The City Paper's Mark Wheeler has a great story about Vanderbilt's best defensive player, Chris Marve, who is the anchor of a defense that the Commodore team will continue to rely on as the offense gets their feet underneath them. If you want to get excited about this team, read this story.

The Tennessean has a cursory preview of the upcoming season that you might want to take a gander at. For what it's worth, the Vanderbilt Hustler (the student Newspaper for the 3 of you on this site who didn't actually attend Vanderbilt) has a far better preview for the upcoming season in the form of "Do's and Don'ts." This is a very good piece from Daniel Marks that I recommend to VSLNation.

Our old friend, David Boclair writes about Commodore baseball and the likelihood of seeing another Vanderbilt hurler in the big leagues soon in today's Nashville City Paper. Basbeall Express also has a story worth a read about Vanderbilt baseball's mental toughness work-outs. Pretty interesting stuff, and certainly illustrative of why the Commodores are a tough out come the NCAA's.


AD said...

"You can't win them all if you don't win the first one," Caldwell said.

Anonymous said...

I thought Hustler was a porno mag.

Didn't you see that movie "The People vs. Larry Flynt" with Woody Harrelson and Kurt Cobain's old lady?