Friday, August 27, 2010

Obviously Vandy Would Study The Best Way To Recruit Talent

Here is a very interesting and in depth article from's Jamie Newberg.

Not often does Vanderbilt get a whole article devoted to its recruiting, especially one that portrays it in a positive light so you have got to love this article. The most interesting thing to me was talking about the study that Vandy put together which they have used to determine where to spend the most time recruiting. Vandy coaches do most of their recruiting within a 5-hour drive of Nashville, obviously focusing mostly on the southeast. However, it should be noted that of the 4 current verbals 2 are from Big Ten country, 1 from Florida and 1 from Tenn. Also there is supposedly another verbal about to be confirmed and he is from Big Ten country too.

I think the real thing that Vanderbilt football must do when it come to recruiting is be versatile. Last year they hit Georgia real hard, this year its Ohio and Michigan. Really, whatever works.


Bobby O'Shea said...

Moneyball 2.0, Commodore style.

Vanderbilt does a fantastic job finding otherwise over-looked talent. Perhaps there's no better indication of this then the fact that Vanderbilt's previous 2 recruiting coordinators now hold the same job at Florida and Georgia. Vanderbilt doesn't have the same resources and appeal that other schools do, and as such, they have to do things a little bit different. It's nice to see sports writers taking notice of Vanderbilt doing things differently to get the most out of what they have.

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Anonymous said...

good stuff...who is the other big 10 recruit?

Douglas James said...

When it becomes public I'll post. I don't like to post any rumors until they are confirmed stories.

Anonymous said...

fair enough, thanks