Tuesday, August 31, 2010

VSL Hotline: Cool, Calm, and Collected, Edition

There's not much in the local papers about the Commodores, so like Otter, I'll be brief.

The Nashville City Paper's Mark Wheeler writes about Robbie Caldwell's first "week of" press conference and the seeming tonal change on West End. I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot of article's about CRC "firsts" this season. The AP's Tersea Walker's writes about Caldwell's "game week," while VUCommodores.com has the entire press conference available online.

Jeff Lockridge focuses on a welcome addition to this season's Commodore schedule in today's Tennessean: the bye. Last season, the Commodores played 12 straight weeks and were plagued by injuries. The hope is the Commodores' September 25th open-date, will allow the team to catch it breathe (and get healthier) as the season progresses.

Speaking of injuries, the Tennessean's beat-reporter writes that "Warren Norman had minimal swelling around his injured knee Monday after some light running Sunday, keeping the door open for a possible return this week." Lockridge also reports that X-rays taken Monday of RB Wesley Tate's foot suggest he is healing and will be able to play against Northwestern, welcome news for the Commodore coaching staff. Something else of note, Commodore place-kicker might be let of the leach and given the chance to kick field goals of 50 yards or greater. Given what missed, long field goals do for field position, I'm sure this is not something CRC and the staff would do if they didn't think Ryan Fowler had the leg.


Steve said...

Anyone think we are going to win this weekend?

Douglas James said...

Northwestern was a solid team last year but they supposedly graduated a lot of talent. Plus its a home game. I think we win this game but I don't see us scoring many points.

Anonymous said...

Carey Spear certainly has the leg to kick FGs beyond 50 yards, demonstrated by his 61-yard FG during his senior year in HS (tying the Ohio state record)...not too shabby. Vandy's blessed in that they have 2 very good PK's in Fowler and Spear...nice options for the coaching staff.

Chuck Heston said...

Vandy - 24
NW - 17