Friday, August 13, 2010

Udom Umoh + Freshman WRs = Hope

It's no secret that Vanderbilt will need more downfield options this season. QB-to-WR was a dysfunctional offensive relationship in 2009, but the bits and pieces I'm hearing are beginning to make me more optimistic about our young guys. Udom Umoh is lightning and has apparently really stepped up his game in the offseason. On top of that we've got two 3-star freshmen -- 6'3" Jordan Matthews and 6'5" Chris Boyd -- who are tearing it up in preseason. Matthews is Jerry Rice's cousin, so that's something -- good genes, good mentor, I don't know. Keep an eye out for these young players. With Austin Monahan going down to injury, it might be the case that our options at tight end just got cut in half. All the more reason to hope for improvement at the wide receiver position, and all the more reason to get excited about these three studs.

Of course, the question remains: can anyone get them the ball?

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