Thursday, August 12, 2010

Injuries Affect Already Suspect Offense

According to Jeff Lockridge's piece that just posted on the Tennessean's website:
"Junior tight end Austin Monahan and sophomore running back Zac Stacy had to be helped off the field Thursday with potentially serious knee injuries that could leave Vanderbilt's offense shorthanded going into the 2010 football season."
MRI's were taken on both Stacy and Monahan, with the results to be announced Friday. Redshirt Freshman Wesley Tate has already been sidelined due to a foot injury, not to mention defensive back Javon Marshall, and offensive tackle Justin Cabbagestalk have also been affected according to Chris Low's SEC Blog. Extended absences by Zac or Austin would greatly affect the depth charts at these important positions. As more information comes available, VSL will bring it to you.

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