Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What's the Case Against Giving Jared Funk a Shot?

I'm just asking. 68% of you (26 people) say Jared deserves a shot at some PT in these final 3 games. I'm honestly more interested in hearing from the 32% of you (12 people) who think, all things being equal, Mackenzi Adams should be the guy to finish out the season at Quarterback without seeing what Funk has. My question is why? I'm in the "Play that Funk-y Music, White Boy" school , but I'm not as resolute in my conviction on this one as am I about say, the offensive play-calling. Make the case for why, barring injury to Mac, we shouldn't see Jared under center this season.


Anonymous said...

For me, my rationale comes down to three questions. Do I think that it would be good for him and the team to get some SEC experience against Florida, Kentucky, and Tennessee? Absolutely! Do I think having him in the game will give us a win against these teams? Probably not. Do I think the benefit of giving Jared experience is worth stiffing Mackenzi out of a deserved starting job? No.

Stanimal said...

Seriously Bobby and the other 68% of you who thought that Jared Funk should get a start, what is your deal hating on Mackenzi Adams?

First off, I've stood behind Larry Smith, and I have never condoned removing him from the starting lineup. I agreed that it was important for Larry to stay in the game so as to keep his confidence up, get him experience, since he is, and will be, our QB for the foreseeable future, and because I truly believe he gave us the best chance to win (Larry is a sophomore in a new offense, so he needs to be cut some slack as well).

But there is absolutely no point in going with Funk over Adams for 2 reasons: 1) the guy deserves a lot more loyalty and respect than anyone gives him, 2) the season is over anyway, and Mac is a senior, Funk is a junior.

Like it or not, Mac has won some program setting games for us. He QB'ed the win on the road against a South Carolina team that was #6 in the nation at the time we played them, and he won the Auburn game last year, arguably the biggest and most important for national recognition. Sure, he's never been a consistent starter. But he certainly has more of a resume than Funk does. The amount of hatred people have for Mackenzi Adams is totally unjustified.

2)The season is over. Kaput. Donezo. Stick a fork in it because this Commodore team might not see another win all year. That being said, why on earth would you deprive a player who has sat and generally been poo poo'ed on of his opportunity to play in the final few games of his last season of football, especially when he's had way more snaps than Funk has had. Funk's got another year in the program. Adams has had to sit this entire year behind a sophomore. If Funk could have made this team any better he sure as heck needed to show it earlier in the season, and furthermore he'll have an opportunity in the off-season to show he can start.

The funny thing is, Adams hasn't even played THAT BAD when he's been in the game. He certainly completes a higher percentage of passes than Larry Smith has. He played a pretty decent game against Georgia Tech. Point is, he's certainly shown a LOT more than Funk has and he hasn't crapped the bed enough to be totally ostracized by the program.

It's the kid's turn. The season's a wash. Let him try to go out on a high note for crying out loud.

Bobby O'Shea said...

In fairness, I am not suggesting Funk start, just that he get some time that wasn't "garbage" (although I suspect more of the UF game than not will qualify).

Way to mischaracterize the argument though, Stanimal.

Stanimal said...

Actually you made the argument misleading. Terms like, "a shot" and the statement, "I'm honestly more interested in hearing from the 32% of you who think, all things being equal, Mackenzi Adams should be the guy to finish out the season at QB without seeing what Funk has seem to indicate "starting".

Either way, the point is still the same. What do you want to do now, have a QB rotation? I mean why don't we bench the entire starting defense and burn the redshirt off every player on the roster and get them in the game for "quality" playing time.

I'm not mischaracterizing, I'm just busting your chops because I think you're a tad unfair with Adams.


Funk's had his chance. He's in his fourth year and hasn't thrown a pass. If he was any kind of contender, he'd have been better prepared for the emergency situation at Wake Forest last year instead of Larry Smith.

He'll probably play against Florida and throw a pass or two and get that out of the way, because I think he'll graduate at the end of this school year and forgo his fifth year on the team. Unless he really enjoys the punt coverage team, why would he want to return to back up Smith and Charlie Goro?

JoeBobCooter said...

Let him play. Bring on the Funk, bring on the noise. Comments are dead on. No more wins in 09. I am still regretting not going to the bowl game, as that might have been it before I die.

Bobby O'Shea said...

I'm convinced, Mac is the way to go. I will say the Charlie Goro point threw me for a loop. I do think the coaching staff should do everything possible to get as many guys as possible (without forfeiting red shirt status) game experience since all we are playing for at this point is 2010