Monday, November 2, 2009

Report: Smith's Injury Bad, Mackenzi Adams Likely Starter the Rest of the Season

Jeff Lockridge has a story in today's Tennessean saying that Larry Smith's hamstring injury is bad, very bad in fact. While the team will await the results of today's MRI to determine whether or not there is a tear, Coach Bobby Johnson is on the record saying: "[Larry has] a pretty severe strain and possibly a tear . . . It's going to be hard for him to get back [this year]." In the meantime, it looks like Mac is the starting QB and Jared Funk is now the No. 2, meaning he will be giving up his special teams duties. Question: Do you think we'll see Jared Funk at some point this season? Should we?

David Boclair has a recap of Saturday's loss in the Nashville City Paper, although he's got nothing definitive on Smith's status going forward.

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Stanimal said...

This is bad news for Bobby Johnson.

The season is over by all intents and purposes. There's no chance at a bowl. The only thing left is to just try to ruin other teams seasons.

But IF Mac comes in and runs this offense efficiently, the way Larry Smith couldn't do it, then CBJ is going to have a lot of questions to answer about his decision to stand behind Smith. It could be so bad that people will claim the failure to give Mackenzi the ball earlier in the year directly resulted in this season becoming a mockery.

It's a lose-lose. If Vandy plays well offensively over the final stretch with Mac at QB, Bobby Johnson looks bad for sticking with Smith. If Vandy plays poorly with Mac, Bobby Johnson's team still might have its worst year since the 2004-2005 season.

Perhaps I'm stirring the pot a bit but heck that's what blogs are for.