Tuesday, September 22, 2009

VSL Hotline: It's Not Ted Cain's Fault....Really, Edition

So there's been a lot of passion on VSL the past few days about Saturday's 15-3 loss to Mississippi State. At the root of the frustration was Vanderbilt's play-calling, specifically offensive coordinator Ted Cain. There's just one problem, Ted Cain's not the one doing the play-calling, Quarterbacks Coach Jimmy Kiser is. So, we were wrong at blame Ted Cain. Our bad. Regardless, Coach Bobby Johnson said yesterday that the play-calling wasn't to blame for Saturday's loss according to Jeff Lockridge's piece in the Tennessean. Here's the quote: "I think the play-calling is fine . . . Basically, I like to have a guy who knows what the quarterback likes and what he knows the quarterback has seen in practice and what the quarterback is thinking out on the field." With all due respect to CBJ, I think this defense misses the point. It's not so much the plays that are being called (after all, we haven't seen the double reserve once this season), but rather WHEN the plays are being called.

David Boclair has a story in the Nashville City Paper about the need for the receivers to step up their game. Perhaps most notably, is CBJ's declaration that we won't see Jamie Graham lining up out wide any time soon: “I don't think we have the people available to take (Graham) and put him on offense right now.”

Some big news for Nashville: The Music City will host the 1st and 2nd Rounds of the NCAAA Tournament in 2012.

Keep the chatter up.

Bobby, OUT


AD said...

Interesting Cain/Kiser distinction, Bobby. During the call-in show last night on 104.5 the Zone, a caller put the Cain question that's been rattling around this site to CBJ. The coach made no mention of Kiser, and flatly stated that there would be no change with respect to Cain. During the segment of the show that I heard, the coach deflected or rejected all suggested changes on a variety of topics. It would therefore seem that Vanderbilt is doing all it can from a strategy and personnel standpoint and the simple fact may be that the team is just not good.

AD said...

Full audio of last night's program is available here: http://vucommodores.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/092209aaa.html

Unknown said...

What the fuck is the point of having an OC that you can't even trust to call plays?

Unknown said...

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