Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Little Late, But Still Pretty Excited

We came out and took care of business at home this weekend, and that's certainly a start.

There are things you gotta take care of in order to be a contender and not a pretender, and the first is taking care of business at home. Since it's been a few days since the game, I'm sure y'all have read the stat line or watched the game, so I need not discuss how well Beal and Ogilvy played. Tinsley and Taylor were great too. We got a ton of opportunities at the line, which certainly helped our cause.

It'd be an illusion to think we're a tournament team, so I'm not going to entertain the thought. But you have to be encouraged by the way we played at home. While we are all caught on this rollercoaster ride of a season, and certainly are down, it's hard to neglect the fact that since our 1-5 skid to start c0nference play, we've gone 5-3 down the stretch. That's improvement folks.

Alright, back to the evidence midterm.


Unknown said...

FINALLY! big one on the road against the SEC's only tourney worthy team

Douglas James said...

Huge win. Would have loved to see AJ have his best game of his college career against very good competition. Excited to see what we do in the SEC tournament.