Wednesday, March 4, 2009

HUGE WIN OVER LSU -- Tourney Still Within Reach? Yeah, the NIT.

A.J. Ogilvy decided to have himself a career game, putting up 33 points, 10 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 blocks to lead Vanderbilt to a surprising 75-67 upset on the road against #11 LSU.

So where does this leave us? All of a sudden the loss to Georgia last week turns from a bad-tasting slip-up into a potential bubble-burster. We now stand at 18-11 (7-8) with one game to play against Arkansas. So obviously beating Arkansas alone wouldn't get us in by itself. We'd probably need to beat them and go to the SEC Tournament title game in order to have a shot at dancing, plus maybe get some help from elsewhere in the league.

Regardless, this is a huge win for a team that has struggled mightily on the road all season. It also marks back-to-back wins against the two highest-ranked teams in the SEC. It's got to be a confidence booster, and certainly sets a strong precedent for playing well at the right time of the year.

Now us fans can go back and look at games like Georgia, Illinois-Chicago, and Illinois and wonder "what if." But more importantly, this win could set us up for a solid seed in the NIT and a possible chance to make a run for Madison Square Garden. Not exactly what you dream about, but still would make for some excellent postseason experience for a team that finally might be coming into its own.

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