Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Some John Jenkins analysis to get through a slow day.....

Been a little too quiet around here especially since we beat down Stanimal's adopted school. So I searched high and far for some news. Anyway here is some analysis from Rivals National basketball recruiting manimal Jerry Meyer (I think he has a man crush on Jenkins so it might be a little rose colored but so what?)

Originally posted by GoCommies: Jerry,I've read your evaluations where you think JJ will be the best shooter in college hoops next year as a true freshman. How would Jenkins compare as a shooter and player to someone like JJ Redick? Is he on the same level shooting-wise? My observations are that Jenkins is already a more complete player offensively than Redick was at this point. Also, any concerns with Jenkins' defense on the next level?

Jerry Meyer - I'd take Jenkins. Better pull up shooter. Think Jenkins will be okay defensively. He has gotten stronger and quicker

Originally posted by bucsdude:Obviously he is a great shooter, but what weaknesses does he have in his game if any?

Jerry Meyer - Rarely ever goes right. Right handed but loves to go left and pull up. Will also get to the basket going left. Defense should be alright but probably never his strength.

Here are JJ Redick's freshman numbers. I mean can you imagine if we get a better version of him? That would be insane:

PPG: 15.0
Free Throw %: .919
3-Point %: .399
FG %: .413
Total 3 pointers: 95 (he only hit 54 other shots the whole year)

Anyway what's everyones thoughts about this? Are people putting too much pressure on JJ to come in or is it fair to say to a freshman "Just come in an hit 3's!!!!"

My personal opinion is that even though he is super-hyped there will be much less pressure on him than there was on the group of freshman this year or even the amount that was on AJ as a freshman.


Anonymous said...

He will go down as the greatest Vandy scorer ever...Lead us to the Final 4 and first outright SEC Title in years.

Hows that for pressure.

Stanimal said...

Totally accurate in terms of immediate pressure. Long term might be a different question. We have enough depth that he can be a solid role player at first and blossom into something more. If we can get Tinsley and Beal to shoot the way they did against South Carolina consistently and add him to the backcourt, we'll combine a potent three attack with a solid slasher and good post presence. A very well balanced team.

Anonymous said...

My question is, if all that we've been hearing is true and he does end up having an amazing freshman year, what are the odds that he stays for a second, third, or fourth year?

Anonymous said...

Shooters don't leave early. The NBA bird dogs the freakishly tall and the freakishly athletic. If shooters left early, Stephen Curry would not still be at Davidson, JJ Redick would have left Duke as a Soph, and so on and so on. Park the worry train on this one. He's a 3 year guy even if he shoots like Foster, Redick, or Curry right out of the gate. More likely than not, he's a 4 year man.

Anonymous said...

he's got pressure. more than ogilvy. people want this guy to win us SEC championships