Saturday, December 6, 2008

Help is on the way

Well the Men's Basketball team lost 63-51 tonight at Georgia Tech. They shot a miserable 32% from the field with no help from Beal and Tinsley who went a combined 3for 18 tonight. But don't worry help is on the way (unfortunately not this year). Sharpshooter John Jenkins continues to light up the Middle Tennessee area

Not sure if he is going to help with the massive amount of turnovers or lack of rebounding though.

Bowl invites come out tomorrow

Thats all I've got.

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Stanimal said...

Gotta be patient with the young guys. It's hard and gut-wrenching but we've gotta know that we'll take our lumps in the early stages of this.

We BADLY need a 3-point shooter though. Thank god Jenkins is coming in to cure what ails us.