Saturday, December 6, 2008

No Longer Too Close to Call: Vanderbilt is Heading to the Music City

It's about as real as you can get folks. ESPN's Chris Low says the non-BCS schedules are set and Vanderbilt is heading to the Music City Bowl. CBS, perhaps the last stalwart holding out Vanderbilt in the Liberty, also has changed its tune to the Music City.

Start looking into flights now, go to and get on the bowl bandwagon to buy your tickets, find yourself a hotel room, because its a reality. This game being in our hometown on New Years Eve is going to be like a second Homecoming with all your friends from classes past there. At least, that's what it should be, as it's time for Vandy fans who've been waiting 26 years for this to motivate to get there.

Flight Prices (According to

Flight from NYC to Nashville: $218
Flight from DC: $196
Flight from Denver: $245
Flight from LA: $318
Flight from Dallas: $282 but probably less because of Southwest.
Flight from Chicago: $158
Flight from Houston: $272
Drive from ATL with $1.75 a gallon gasoline, about $60 round trip.

Book a hotel room, stay with a buddy, whatever you do, head back to Nashville for New Years! The awesomeness of this event cannot be questioned! Can't wait to see you there!


Douglas James said...

Just booked my flight......

Unknown said...

So, does anyone know how the advanced booking of tickets works? I did the deposit thing with the VU site, but I also know that MCB tickets are already on sale. Does the deposit assure me tickets in the Vandy section?

Anonymous said...

i just got front row seats on the SEC side of the field. seems all but guaranteed we're playing here but if we don't i'm in trouble w/ the ticket purchase!!! i'm really happy that we're going to a bowl and it's the first time it's happened since i have been alive, but at the same time, going 1-6 in our last 7 games really has me down and doubting. really hope this is worth it and i'm not walking out of the stadium at half time.

Unknown said...

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