Friday, December 5, 2008

VSL fans demand more law students be added as contributors!!!!!!!!

Well consider your demands met. Seamus, Stanimal, Woody and Bobby have offered me a spot in VSL hierarchy and I have accepted. I clearly should be studying for my Anti-Trust and New York Civil Procedure finals but find discussing Vanderbilt Sports to excessive amounts far more entertaining. I shall be focusing mostly on Vandy's recruiting, specifically football and basketball but if anyone knows about some hot shot lady bowler please bring her to my attention as that is currently our only National Championship to date.

Like the rest of Commie nation I am exstatic about our upcoming Bowl game (and I am even more pumped about the possibility of the game being the Music City Bowl on New Years eve in our beloved Nashville). The football team has received an unprecedented amount of national attention this year (both good and bad) and this should provide us with an upswing in talent available in the recruiting game. So far CBJ and his staff have appeared to put together an impressive looking class with some really exciting players. But there is still alot of work to be done and with signing day still quite a ways off it is important that the Coaching staff keeps it up (as evidence by UF appearing to be in the midst of stealing our highly prized DT)

All that being said here is a quick list of the my Top 5 recruits I would like to see commit in the next few weeks:

1) Wesley Johnson (OT, Nashville, TN) - I am a huge fan of building a team from the line on out on both sides of the ball. Anyone who has been following this recruiting class should be very familiar with Wesley. He's a local kid who looks to have all the talent needed to play tackle in the SEC. The chatter around the intranets is that it is between Vandy and Auburn for this talented player with a slight lead by Vandy. Hopefully with the resignation/firing/I have a feeling this is going to litigation of TT in Auburn, I hope Wesley is gonna commit sooner rather than later.

2) Michael Buchanon (DE, Homewood, Ill) - This kid appears to be a beast at the End position. Rivals has him listed as a 4-star recruit so he would be a big get but I am holding out hope as we appear to be in his Top 3. I love sacking the QB and when teamed with our other stellar DE recruit Walker May we could have quite a combo to wreck havoc on the future Tim Teabow's and Matt Stafford's of the SEC.

3) Trey Wilson (CB, Shreveport, LA) - The secondary has saved our butts numerous times this season. Unfortunately it looks like DJ Moore might be playing on sundays next year, Reshard Langford might be joining him and the rest of our starters are upperclassmen. That means we need to restock the DB deparment (we already have our safety in stud Jay Fullam) but I really like this guy. Not to mention he is high school teammates with.......

4) Quinn Giles (Athlete, Shreveport, LA) - As I said we need some new blood. And personally I feel that chemistry is vitally important to a football team (especially with Vanderbilt where were dont have the top tier talent nor the depth of other SEC teams). I like the idea of bringing in high school teammates and hope that offering both of them encourage them to commit together.

5) REPLACEMENT DT (Anywhere, America) - As noted before it looks like Florida might be stealing Darrius McMullin our 3-star DT recruit. Like Bobby O'Shea before me I am a HUGE NY Jets fan and have learned this year how important a DT is. I want a big man to clog the middle and not let 3rd string RB's from Wake Forrest run all over our D. That means finding another DT to replace McMullin if/when he decommits. According to Rivals every other DT we have offered has already committed somewhere else so that means someone new. According to recruiting page the top DT on our list is Alex Smithson from Riverdale, TN. Apparently its between us and MTSU (God I hate that school, ever since losing to them at the first game of my college career back in 2001. I remember around the late 3rd/early 4th saying something like "Yes, we are gonna win this game!" and then being yelled at by some rando in the student section "Shut up freshman, we are gonna lose!"). I find ESPN recruiting to be far less accurate than Rivals but lets hope this is a possibility.

Hope you guys enjoyed my first post. Although I am in law school it is well known that I am functionally illiterate when it comes to the English language (I know excellent career choice right?) So let my spelling mistakes and typos slide. But any other criticism is greatly appreciated (except if it is about my beloved Mets/Jets/Islanders). God has any man picked a more sad group of teams to collectively root for in the history of mankind? Ok well back to Civil Practice studying. See you all in Nashville on December 31st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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