Monday, September 1, 2008

VSL Hotline: "Vanderbilt Finishes Middle of the Pack in the ACC," Edition

This morning, filling in for Mike and Mike, Eric Kuslias and Buster Olney hosted Todd McShay. Given Buster's love of all things Vanderbilt (by the way, Buster, if you are reading this, we'd LOVE to have you on the VSL), the Commodores were brought up in the context of a weak ACC. The question was posed whether Vanderbilt would win the ACC. While no one thought CBJ's boys would win the ACC, everyone agreed Vanderbilt would at least be .500 in conference. I've been saying that if Vanderbilt played in any other conference in football, their bowl brought would have ended year's ago. Papa O'Shea, Big Ten Homer that he is, has always disagreed. Looks like I've got the weight of the Worldwide Leader on my side. What do you think?

Speaking of the ESPN, be sure to tune into this week's E:60, Tuesday's at 7 eastern/6 central, will feature a segment on former Commodore David Price.

Matt Wilson asks, VU Boom or Bust, in Nashville Ballerz.

Looking ahead to Thursday's match-up with South Carolina, Spurrier is still "noncommittal on Quarterbacks" for their game against Vanderbilt.

Trouble in Paradise? It appears so, as Super Agent Scott Boras is already trying to get the Pirates to renegotiate their deal with the third overall pick Pedro Alvarez. Here's one take from Andrew Linker of the Patriot-News.

It ain't wireless, but I've got internet at the new house. VSL Nation will never be the same.

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