Friday, August 29, 2008

Vanderbilt 1-0, Beats Miami (OH) Down

So we are a little slow on the uptake at VSL. I'm still without internet at home which means I have to wait to get to school to post. Keeping that in mind, I'll be brief.

I thought that last night's game was very, very encouraging. DJ Moore looks like a superstar (and did it all last night, according to the Man We Love to Hait's first of two articles in today's Nashville City Paper), Chris Nickson (who led the attack with his feet according to Brett's second Nashville City Paper article)looks like the player of 2006, and the defense looked stout despite losing the linebacking corps and many of the heavies up front, as Mo Patton highlights in today's Tennessean.

A few questions for VSL Nation:

1. Why did it take so long for CBJ to name a starter? Has Mackenzie Adams improved such that he and Nickson were as close as we were led to believe? Is Chris just a gamer? Or was CBJ just messing with us?

2. Is Ted Cain kidding? I know this has been a frequent topic here, but Seamus and I spoke last night and just don't understand what the "game plan" on offense is. It can't be, "Chris, run." At least a couple of the big plays that Chris made were the result of either an offensive line collapse or just a broken play. The defense has a scheme and you can see there is a method to the madness. I just don't get that sense on offense. Am I wrong?

3. Will Jared Hawkins be named the starter to be backed up by Gaston Miller? This isn't so much a question as a statement. Jared Hawkins should be named the starter, with Gaston Miller backing him up.

4. After what you saw last night, how do you think the Commodores stack up against South Carolina next Thursday?

For those not in school, enjoy the long weekend. For everyone, enjoy the first weekend of the college football season.

Bobby, OUT

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Anonymous said...

Since I have a few mins before I leave for dinner:

Ted's 3rd quarter shell was the result of a desire not to give the entire package away t S. Car., IMO.

I see the S. Car. game as a dogfight...of the 27-24 (either way) variety. Their QB threw 4 picks last night, and the Vandy secondary should be licking their chops.

I also saw very standard (garden variety) corner and safety blitzes...S. Car. will see some freakier shit.