Sunday, September 21, 2008

Vanderbilt Ranked 25 by the Coaches, 21 by the AP's College Football Rankings

I'm a little surprised we are as high in the AP as we are, but VSL Nation will certainly take it.

Right now there are 6 SEC teams ranked in the top 25, 4 of which are ranked in the top 10 in both polls.


Aaron said...

this is the best thing ever!!

Anonymous said...

If Auburn somehow gets upset by Tennessee, Vandy could be ranked higher than them when they meet. Either way, it's now a Showdown Game.

I see the Commies going 6-0 and ranked around #12 or 13 when they meet Georgia -- assuming Nickson's ok.

Douglas James said...

During the Florida/Tenn game the CBS announcers were talking about how bad UT played and said "No offense to Florida but UT couldn't have beaten Vandy the way they played today". Umm excuse me do you mean the 4-o #21 team in the country. F you CBS

Anonymous said...

Douglas James: Vanderbilt has it in their power to make them all swallow every joke and every snide remark.

It continues October 4th. The Commodores are now in a position to go from a fun side story to a serious threat to the powers that be.

The offense had trouble running the football against Ole Miss. To beat Auburn, Vanderbilt must successfully run the football.

Anonymous said...

number one, vandy is south carolina's daddy = hilarious and actually quite catchy.

number two, let's not get ahead of ourselves. awesome! we're nationally ranked, some respect. finally. last time it happened i was 3 and don't remember it... obviously. enjoy it.

now get ready for auburn. 6-0 going into georgia? slow your roll. we could easily be 4-2 as well. let's shoot for auburn and 5-0. then we'll move on. we've seen 4-0 before (2005 team) and we know how that went. let's show 'em it's different this time and we belong. go dores!