Sunday, September 21, 2008

VSL Hotline: The Morning After, Edition

After last night's huge win, the VSL Newsroom has been a buzz. With people waking up all over this country saying, "Wow, Vanderbilt is 4-0. How'd that happen," we figured a special Sunday Edition of the Hotline was in order.

We'll start with Mo Patton's two articles in the Tennessean dealing with Vanderbilt's 23-17 win in Oxford. Article 1 addresses Mackenzi Adams entrance into the game after Chris Nickson suffered a right shoulder injury in the 3rd Quarter. Nickson's status, at this time is not known, although he did return to the sidelines in the 4th quarter. According to the The Voice (Joe Fisher for those of you new to VSL), Chris appeared to want to return to the game, but Bobby opted to leave Adams in, who finished off the Rebels behind a 3 for 5 passing performance (31 yards), and 28 yards on 10 carries.

In Mo's second story, Ryan Hamilton is, rightly, credited as a huge reason why Vanderbilt's defense stood as tall as they did, particularly in the second half. Ryan's pick-6 in the first quarter righted the ship and kept Vanderbilt in the game after our second consecutive turnover in the red zone. At that point, down 10-0, it looked like Vanderbilt's night was going to end early. Without Ryan's touchdown, I don't know if Vanderbilt would have been able to recover.

With that in mind,'s Chris Low gave Ryan one of his "Helmet Stickers" for his Week 4 performance.

Despite Ryan's huge play in the first, what sealed the deal was Vanderbilt's goal-line stand in the 3rd, and their forced fumble in the end-zone in the 4th.

To vote for Vanderbilt in the Pontiac Game Changing Performance, click here. Remember, vote early and often.

One thing I want to mention about Vanderbilt's defense. This is the second straight game the defense hasn't allowed their opponents to score a point in the second half. This Vanderbilt team has only allowed 10 points in the second half, and again, pitched a shut out in the second half 2 weeks in a row. Vanderbilt fans have come to expect a let down in the second half, particularly the 4th quarter. Maybe this year is different.

The AP's story highlights how Vanderbilt lost in almost every statistical category, except turnovers and the final score.

The local Mississippi papers had a lot to say about last night's loss:

The Memphis Commercial-Appeal's Marion W. Morgan's Post Game, though the "Game Changer" was Vanderbilt's goal-line stand in the 3rd quarter.

Jim Mashek of the Biloxi Sun-Herald was decidedly less charitable to the Commodores, who wrote "Ole Miss Hands Vandy a Costly Gift."

Jim was more charitable in his column for the Sun-Herald, "Vandy was the Smarter Team in the Game."

The Nashville City Paper got their dispatches from Special Correspondent (and Vanderbilt Student), Andrew Barge. Here's their recap of yesterday's action.

The new rankings haven't been released yet, but when they are, expect Vanderbilt to make their first trip to the Top 25 since 1984. If that happens (or doesn't), we'll have it for you at Vanderbilt Sports Line.

Enjoy your Sunday. Bobby, OUT

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