Monday, September 22, 2008

VSL Hotline: Day 2 of Being in the Top 25, Edition

As it turns out, this continues to feel good even after a day to let it set in. Commodore Nation is rightly giddy over Vanderbilt's first appearance in the Top 25 since 1984. Harnessing the excitement is Brett Hait's Believe It! Vandy Soars into the National Rankings in this morning's Nashville City Paper.

CORRECTION: DAVID RUTZ (not Mo Patton) highlights how this open date probably couldn't come at a better time for the beaten up Commodores in today's Tennessean. With the week off, Vanderbilt fans can put off worrying (at least for a week) about the condition of D.J. Moore's hip and Chris Nickson's shoulder.

Chris Low makes Ryan Hamilton his SEC Defensive Player of the Week on

An interesting story in today's New York Times by Pete Thamel about whether the SEC's dominance might actually hurt the conference.

To vote for Vanderbilt in the Pontiac Game Changing Performance, click here. Remember, vote early and often.

Courtesy of Brother Aaron:

The Pedro Alvarez saga appears to be over as is reporting that Alvarez and Pirates have agreed to terms despite the grievance.

If you aren't talking smack at work/school/life about Vanderbilt new-found success, it's possible that VSL really isn't the site for you. Let's hear some chatter.

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Aaron said...

My roommate went to UT. At the beginning of the year he attempted to fly a UT flag off our front porch. I wanted to fly my vanderbilt flag. We then asked our other roommate how we should resolve this situation, she said that it should be based on rank.

This weekend the UT flag came down. We are now proudly flying the black and gold (i know it took too long). I plan on burning the UT flag tonight.

Go Dores!

Tom said...

I got the following response back from CSS.

"Thank you for writing in. However, CSS has no control over the live
coverage of any game. CSS only has the rights to the game replays. You
may want to direct your question to Ole Miss, Vanderbilt or maybe the
SEC- all who decide who picks up the live game."

I'm pretty sure I've seen a live SEC game on CSS before, so I'm not really sure what this means. Hopefully, our new ranking will garner more respect from the fat cats in the SEC and/or TV studios.

Douglas James said...

I also got an email from CSS. In much better news Vandysports and are reporting that Vandy/Auburn will be picked up by ESPN in two weeks. I was hoping CBS might grab it but 2 ESPN nationally televised home games is pretty awsome.

Old Prospector said...

Pls don't jinx us...We've been 4-0 before...still got work to do.