Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gameday Comes to Vanderbilt...and VSL Needs a Sign

Which means we need your help VSL Nation...this is our chance to get some real exposure with a sweet, "Wade Boggs once drank 64 beers on a cross country flight"-esque sign. We'll take your suggestions for the next 2 days, select the top 3 or 4 and have you vote.


Unknown said...

I saw one this week that said "I had a better sign but Phil Fulmer ate it," which I liked. Having something supporting DJ would be nice, a ala all the Knowshon signs last week, but I think you should bring the funny.

How about "Vanderbilt Republicans for Commies"?

Anonymous said...

For those of you doubting how awesome Wade Boggs is:


Anonymous said...

Sign options:

1) Auburn: Nearly losing accredidation since 2004.

2) I'd be worried about offending Auburn fans with my sign, but they can't read.

3) Kodi Burns when he pees.

4) Spread Eagle. (This one mocks their spread offense that hasn't done anything. Just show Todd being sacked, or something involving his mother in a derogatory fashion.)

Anonymous said...

Our players cant cuss, but our women sure can F***

Boyer in the District said...

1) Boom. Outta here.

2) BOHICA Auburn

3) Kodi, tell me how my a** tastes!

Will said...

"Yo Tubs, where can I get some Androstenedione?"


Anonymous said...

Au-burn is Aw-ful.

gets 'em every time

Stanimal said...

Read the article by the man we love to Hait about the two statistics that are really telling, 10 interceptions and only 11 penalties.

Another stat he missed though that lead to our special teams questions...Bryan Hahnfeldt is 7/7 for field goals. He's been phenomenal.

Das Fuhrer said...

How about a giant Mr. C with a cane and monacle.

VSL nation we continue to be amazed by the quality of your work and in your honor, we as well have gone legit. You can now find us a whoyawith.com.

The Jesus

Anonymous said...

1) Gameday, welcome to Vandy: Where GPA meets BAC.

2) Hey Kirk, Vandy girls put out.

Slimbo said...

"Wall Street can wait - Auburn needs a bailout on Broadway"

Anonymous said...

Vanderbilt... You could'nt afford it!!!

Anonymous said...

Your grads work for our grads!!!

Anonymous said...

Auburn cheerleaders run the spread better.