Wednesday, October 1, 2008

VSL Hotline: Commons Gets GameDay, Edition

Seamus and I got into a discussion about this yesterday, but I happen to think the decision to host College GameDay on the Freshman Commons is great for the school. Here's the information provided by about the GameDay set-up.

Here's my two cents: Vanderbilt is not like most schools who host this show (perhaps with the exception of Williams College that recently hosted), and there's no reason to act like it. The Peabody campus will provide a picturesque setting for those watching at home, it's got a captive audience of 1500+ freshman, and it (more likely than not), the crowd from being over-run by Auburn fans. Let's be honest, as much as we all love Vanderbilt Stadium, it's not the greatest looking stadium ever. If GameDay were to get up over by Natchez Trace, it's not like there's be much to be besides an antiquated stadium and a parking lot basically filled with Auburn fans. Vanderbilt is right to use GameDay's trip to campus to highlight not only the football team's recent successes, but what makes the university special. What do you think about the decision?

The Man We Love to Hait's Football Notes in today's Nashville City Paper is definitely worth a read. Brett highlights the "bandwagon effect," and how Chris Nickson doesn't sound as if he feels 100%. Gamesmanship? Perhaps, but expect Chris to be under center come game time. And luckily for him, he'll have wide receiver George Smith and tailback Jeff Jennings back in the line-up

Mo Patton sings the praises of the young offensive line in today's Tennessean. This unit has stepped up and played huge in Vanderbilt's first 4 wins, but there is no doubt that Auburn's defense will be the biggest test this young group will have faced so far this season.

Coach Bobby Johnson was on College Football Live yesterday. has the segment here.

CBJ's comments about the Auburn game are available here. Coach Tuberville's comments, from (via are available here.

Gamenotes, getcha Gamenotes here.

The search for VSL's GameDay Sign Continues.

Congratulations to our friends at Who Ya With on the new format.

We'll have an Auburn preview from a fan close to VSL and with exceptional insight into the Tigers later today. Until then, Bobby OUT.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree Bobby. The Commons is an ideal place to host GameDay - it is Vanderbilt, or at least what Vanderbilt has become, and it should be highlighted as such.

Anonymous said...

FYI - The Vanderbilt administration does not choose where the Gameday crew sets up. They have been up there all week scouting sites, and chose the commons themselves. In fact, them setting up on The Commons is forcing Vanderbilt to move some parents weekend events to other spots.

Anonymous said...

that's the original dudley field, not vanderbilt stadium....keep it real, yo!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't blame me, I voted for Nickson!

Stanimal said...

Just saw the ESPN previews for this weekend, got chills watching the Commies getting that kind of love.....