Thursday, June 26, 2008

Shan's Draft Night: Will He or Won't He

Chad Ford's 7.0 Mock Draft on has Shan going 54 to the Houston Rockets, despite his quip that he is a "one-dimensional player."

Addressing this critique, there's a great article in today's Nashville City Paper by The Man We Love to Hait on Shan and how "he's heard it all before."

According to Brett's piece: "A scout for an NBA Eastern Conference team told The City Paper this week that Foster is likely to be selected in the late first round or early second round." People said the same thing about Derrick last year. doesn't delve into 2nd round projections, and doesn't have Shan on the board. I continue to say that if New Orleans does something to get themselves a 2nd round pick, they are gearing up to take Shan. Absent that, he's going the free-agency route.

I hope I'm the bride to be will tell you, it wouldn't be the first time.

UNRELATED NOTE: Bobby Renyolds is now America's only hope for Wimbledon glory after Andy Roddick and James Blake got bounced today.

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