Thursday, June 26, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Shan Foster is a Maverick

Congratulations to Shan Foster, who went in the 2nd round, 51st pick overall to the Dallas Mavericks. Mark Cuban obviously has some sense.

P.S. Shan, stick to shooting hoops and cut the musical act


Seamus O'Toole said...

1) Mark Cuban, like him or hate him, is one of the best owners in the league and any player that goes to the Mavs is lucky I think. Hope Shan stays there.

2) I wasn't necessarily all that surprised Shan went at the #51 pick, but I felt like there were some odd picks of more mediocre players going above him. Chris Douglas-Roberts at #41 was an absurd steal for the Nets.

3) I generally like Jay Bilas's commentary, but are you kidding me? Here's a direct quote: "He's got the ability to hit shots from about 18 to 21 feet, but I don't think [Shan Foster's] range extends back to the NBA three." Clearly Jay didn't watch many Vanderbilt basketball games this season.

4) What was that song he wrote? He's a great singer and all, but I believe the chorus was this: "I can't wait to play in the NBA." Wow.

Douglas James said...

That song was pretty terrible. Gotta love Dallas for Shan. He has a true point guard (who def not in his prime anymore) who passes first and then guys like josh howard and jason terry who attack the rim, you think this would open up some shots for a guy like Shan. Also the fact that Dallas is an older team and didn't have any other picks should give Shan an opportunity to make the team. Unlike last year when DB had to compete with several picks and several other guys with similar skill sets.

Anonymous said...

Shan could be the next
Reggie Miller...except a bit more athletic than Spike Lee's nemesis.

I heard that Bilas quote re: Foster as well, and it was outrageous. We can conclude 2 things about ESPN:

-They love the Red Sox
-They don't like Vanderbilt basketball

Bobby O'Shea said...

Chad Ford hates the pick

Stanimal said...

Chad Ford also thought that Adam Morrison, Paul Davis, Hilton Armstrong, and Joakim Noah were great picks

Douglas James said...

"Any burn"???? What a freaking tool.

Douglas James said...

Where is everyone??? I'm bored. Vandy 09 recruit John Jenkins just shot up to #32 overall recruit according to Rivals. Lets talk some football? Who do you guys think wins the starting QB job? What is going to be the most important thing to replace from last year? LB's? OL? Earl?

David Rutz said...

Guess what radio genius loved Shan's song?