Wednesday, September 19, 2007

We're Still Here...

But it appears as if being 1L's is starting to take a toll. This being a bye week it will probably be a little quieter on VSL than usual. In the meantime, I wanted to make sure you all were up on a few things. First, Jeff Jennings didn't play much (if at all) on Saturday because he is nursing a bum ankle. Seamus and I didn't know what was up, but CBJ set us straight in his post-game press conference.

We were both happy to see the coaching staff took our advice and committed to the run.

This is a great time for the Commies to have a break and nurse themselves back to health, especially with a Eastern Michigan coming to town next Saturday.

As you will see, Big Bad Jon was listening to my plea for a cornerback not to be the team's leading tackler. After the Ole Miss game, Goff took over the team lead in tackles with 28. D.J. Moore travels by 1 with 27, although he leads the team in individual tackles according to an article I read by either Mo or Brett (sorry guys, I can't remember which).

Anyway, just because we aren't getting it done, doesn't mean y'all can't talk about the revolution. We are 2-1 with a week to get healthy and then a big stretch of games against Eastern Michigan, @Auburn (a game that is looking more and more winnable every week), and Georgia. After this bye, Vanderbilt will play 9 consecutive weekends, so rest up now...because starting next Saturday, it's a sprint to the finish.

So far, it's been a Topsy-turvy year in the SEC with South Carolina and Kentucky in the top half of the East, and Alabama "back" sooner than all of us hoped. I think they'll come back to earth this season, but it is quite annoying to see the Gordon Gee of coaches succeed so early on. With all that said, Vanderbilt's definitely got a shot to make some noise, especially if they can get health. If we can go 2-1 in our first 3 back, we are officially in the drivers seat and I will (prematurely) start saying "I told you so," to all my relatives that doubted me and my preseason prognostications.

In other Commie news, Mo Patton's got a piece on Vanderbilt woman's soccer team and the fact they are on the precipice of greatness is worth a read in the Tennessean . Women's bowling, women's soccer...hear that Stanford, that's us knocking on the door.

The Boss accompanied by the E Street Band have a new album that drops on October 2nd, you should check it out by clicking on the Amazon link on this page and doing a search for "Radio Nowhere."

Bobby (with internet at home!) OUT!

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