Monday, September 24, 2007

SEC Power Rankings: VSL's Vote

Our week 4 ballot is in, and here it is. This one was a team effort, so we all look forward to reading how wrong our readers think we are.

1. LSU
2. Florida
3. Kentucky
4. South Carolina
5. Georgia
6. Alabama
7. Arkansas
8. Tennessee
9. Vanderbilt
10. Auburn
11. Miss. State
12. Ole Miss

Also, check out Mo Patton's piece on how CBJ and the boys spent their week "off" in today's Tennessean.

The J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS win one for Fireman Ed...don't be surprised when Gang Green roll off 4 straight.

Taking a cue from the poolboy, I will have a post on the Bobby O'Shea experience from this past weekend when I get out for under my reading. You won't want to miss this.

Bobby, OUT.


Boyer in the District said...

Arkansas needs to fire Houston Nutt. We have the best backfield in college football and can't beat KENTUCKY AT HOME?

The sideshow is over, you text messaging sonofabitch. Enjoy your next gig in I-AA.

Boyer in the District

Unknown said...

I'd like to see more Boston College coverage.


Bobby O'Shea said...

Not gonna happen Lloyd

Douglas James said...

The Jets defense is terrible right now. It was a good game besides that though with Leon Washingtons return for a Td, Thomas Jones have a break through game and a well deserved tribute to my favority all time player in any sport, Wayne Chrebet. He mis-spoke a few times, i just hope that was from him being nervous and not the result of the 10 or more concussions he suffered while catching passes for us during his 10 year career.

Douglas James said...

my typo's on the other hand are not due to concussions but my moderate to severe love of alcohol

Anonymous said...

Upon further review, VU over Miss State is probably defensible because the season's young, and overall team quality will make up for the fact that they have a more impressive win. Plus OM didn't play like chopped liver.

Aaron said...

I am still not sold on Kentucky. They beat Louisville (who got beat by the 'Cuse and allowed them to score more points in one gaem then that had all year) So that win is not that impressive. They then beat an Arkansas team, which is a big win for them. There D played better there, but Arkansas has no QB. I will give Kentucky credit for their wins, but i think USC is a better team, and they too have an impressive win against UGA. And i dont want to hear people say they lost, Kentucky would have lost that game to LSU as well, so that point is mute. Furthermore, USC was in that game until that queer trick play. Les Miles is an jackass and i cannot wait for Pete Carrol to kick his ass in the national championship, and i cannot wait until he leaves the SEC for Michigan.

Again, Vandy in front of Auburn is a homer pick. They have more talent, they just arent playing up to their game. They will get it together. That is like saying that Perdue (or some other Big Ten Team) is better than Michigan just because Michigan lost a few games.

The SEC keeps beating itself up this year. I guess that is a testament that they are the best conference

Bobby O'Shea said...

A few questions/comments for my man Aaron:

1. What's a mute point? Is it a point that is invalid because no one can hear it?

2. Vanderbilt over Auburn is less a homer pick than you realize. Consider that Auburn has lost 2 home games to "lesser" opponents given their talent. Vanderbilt, on the other hand, has taken care of business at home. If Auburn can't beat the teams they are supposed to on their home field, how can they be better than a conference "rival" that can. I have October 5th circled on my calendar, I don't know about you all.

3. Maybe I am the only one, but I have been very impressed with Kentucky. I get that the win over Louisville doesn't look as impressive after losing to Cuse (who are truly awful), but winning in Fayetteville (in anything) is never easy.

4. Is Perdue where you learn about chicken?

Disrepectfully yours,

Aaron said...

The mute point was in anticipation of your argument that Kentucky has a better record than USC and therefore should be ranked higher.

I am not quite sure why you have October 5th circled on your calendar? I was unaware that Vandy was playing on a friday night. But maybe you have some plans for that day that we are all unaware of. Auburn's RB Brad Lester is looking to come back for that game against vandy, lets hope vandy wins that game.

Bobby O'Shea said...

Touche...please circle October 6th.

For those scoring at home:

Bobby: Many
Aaron: 1

Stanimal said...

As far as placing SC higher than Kentucky, I think that contention at this point in the season is relatively ludicrous.

I will say this for South Carolina, they have played very well defensively against opponents they challenged. Offensively their passing game is sub-par at best, with an above average running game, but the Old Ball Coach's offense isn't turning any heads by any means.

When your starting QB throws 3 picks against South Carolina State and the defense allows 256 yards rushing to Louisiana-Lafayette you get the feeling that at some point your weaknesses are going to get the best of you. While the win over Georgia was huge, I find it difficult to place SC over a Kentucky offense that have rolled up 40+ in each game they've played this season. I will give you that they're opposition has played less than stellar ball, but given the current state of the Gamecock team after that LSU loss I have a hard time making them the number 3 team in the conference. (I had a hard time making them number 4).

In any case, it's more like you have LSU and Florida as the clear 1 and 2 with a tier of Kentucky, SC, Georgia, and Alabama, who can be put just about anywhere, and then everyone else.

Anonymous said...

I just want to point out for all the Aaron's in the world that Bobby's not asking what makes the aforementioned point invalid or inconsequential. Rather, he's questioning your intelligence. And even though I'd like to have Aaron respond with something like, "What? Because I'm still not sold on Kentucky being a great team?" the humor has run its course. It's "moot point," Aaron. Moot. A mute point would be one said by an individual who cannot talk, or someone on television once you've turned off the volume. Further, even though I can't wait for your retort on how much better Michigan is than "Perdue," I will clear that one up as well. Purdue is a University in Indiana that produced such football players as Drew Brees and such academians as... no one. Perdue is a chicken company. That'll be all... as for all intensive purposes, I take a Vanderbilt grad's intelligence for granite. If you miss those errors, I will strangle you in your sleep.

Anonymous said...

As far as placing SC higher than Kentucky, I think that contention at this point in the season is relatively ludicrous.

Not at all. Kentucky's beaten a bunch of bad and mediocre teams. USC has beaten bad and pretty good teams and lost to one spectacular team.

I guess we'll see how Kentucky deals with LSU soon enough, but rewarding UK for not playing any good opponents and punishing USC for playing LSU early in the year seems a little silly.