Monday, July 2, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline

I had a really clever title in mind for today's Hotline, but I forgot what it was, so, there's that...

Hope everyone had a good weekend and didn't burn anything a la Scott Proctor. David Price won the baseball "Heisman" on Friday and is the first Commie to win this prestigious award. Chris Graham has the ink from Saturday's Tennessean. Mo Patton is back in today's Tennessean writing about football tickets and how single game seats are now available. 9,600 season tickets have been sold according to the story, an increase of 40% from this point last year.

Brett Hait's got Derrick Byars, David Price, and the tickets in today's Nashville City Paper. DB and Hait don't seem to agree with Aaron's assesment on DB's chances in Philly.

Entourage was absolutely fantastic as was the new HBO show, Flight of the Conchords. I'll start with Entourage, which is holding down the fort for summer viewing (along with Big Love, which is also excellent). Last night, Drama talked Turtle into taking one for the team, only to score the "hot one." Vince bet on soccer with Dennis Hopper after being picked up by a hot chick driving a Porsche. Talk about living the dream. E was on a mission to save the movie from Billy Walsh's "vision." E orchestrated a great deal after being called "Pizza boy" by Vince and heckled by Ari. With all that said, it appears the "Boys from Queens" are going to screw Harvey again. Their trip to Cannes should make for great TV though.

There is really no way to describe what the hell happened on Flight last night, because nothing happened. But, because of the strange musical interludes and their kiwi accents, it was still a great half hour.

Finally, a pick for all those who both Netflix or use Blockbuster in some form or another, and have a lady friend: Music and Lyrics. Me and Betty watched it yesterday and it was great. Say what you will (and I am sure Stanimal will say plenty), but I like a good RomCom. This one is that much better thanks to an incredibly authentic looking and sounding video from the 80's.

Mealmart, we hardly knew ya. I know VSL readers were driving his traffic, and we can't let him go out like this. My man's got more shallow thoughts to drop. Click here and beg him to stay.


Stanimal said...

Bobby, I don't need to say anything. You were whipped into submission long ago.

Bobby O'Shea said...

Pat Forde feels our pain

Boyer in the District said...

I HATE LSU Football. Right up there with Kentucky Basketball.

Anonymous said...

impeach bush and cheney now