Friday, June 29, 2007

From the Peanut Gallery

A question was posed by Douglas James that we (and by we I mean me) decided to post as a topic of discussion, because well, now there's REALLY nothing left to discuss.

Which VU alum most recently drafted (or SOON to be drafted) will have the greatest chance of being an all-star?

1. Jay Cutler
2. Derrick Byars
3. David Price
4. Jeremy Sowers
5. Pedro Alvarez
6. Earl Bennett
7. Jonathan Goff
8. Casey Weathers


Douglas James said...

You gotta go with a baseball player here because every team gets at least 1 all star. Price will move up quick with the Devil Rays but he is gonna get pounded in the AL East. Sowers was recently demoted to Triple A after getting pounded. I also think Goff has a chance as Linebackers seem to transition well to the pros. Lets see how he does this year and where he gets drafted.

Anonymous said...


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Woody said...

I agree with douglas james in that it will be a baseball player, but I'm not so sure it will be Price. As DJ points out, there is a good chance Price will get knocked around in the AL East.

I see no reason why Weathers, if he is as dominant in a MLB closer's role as he was in college, wouldn't beat Price to the Mid-Summer classic.

I have absolutely no idea which team is in need of a third baseman, but if Alvarez is taken by a team with a hitter-friendly park in the AL, he's got as good a shot as anyone. (Granted, I see him spending more time in the minors then both Price or Weathers, and therefore, by default, may lose out to one of those two. That, and there is already a stellar crop of third basemen in the league and thus he may make the All-Star team, but not start.)

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Weathers. If Chad Cordero can make it from the Nats, Weathers can certainly make it for the Rockies.

Seamus O'Toole said...

In order of likelihood (as of now) to be all-stars:

Douglas James said...

And this is also a year away but better pro Byars or Shan?

Seamus O'Toole said...

Gotta be Byars as of now, and I would expect the same as of this time next year. He's just more versatile. Foster is a great shooter (when he's feeling it) and very athletic, but he can't bang around the way DB can and that will limit his role in the NBA should he go. With that said, Foster is a VERY underrated defender in my opinion.

Bobby O'Shea said...

Byars is more versatile and NBA ready now than Foster, but consider how much DB developed in a year hvaing to put that team on his shoulders. Shan is, in my view, a better player overall and has the potential to be better in the long-run.

As far as all-stars, I'm going with:
1. Price
2. Cutler
3. Goff
4. Alvarez
5. Bennett

Stanimal said...

1. Price
2. Cutler
3. Goff
4. Weathers
5. Byars
6. Alvarez
7. Bennett
8. Sowers

I disagree with Shan being a better overall player than Byars. As a matter of fact I stringently disagree. He cannot create his own shot. Byars can.

Douglas James said...

I'm just not sold on Cutler being a Pro-Bowler....He had some good moments last year but you look at a guys like VY, Leinart, Russell. They just seem to have something in them Jay doesn't. Obviously they were also blessed with tremendous talent around them in college so maybe thats why I see them as winners and Jay as a really good quarterback who might never be a pro-bowler

Stanimal said...

Considering Jake Plummer was a pro-bowl QB behind that offensive line with that running game, I think Jay will likely get elected to the pro-bowl at least once. Is the second coming of Elway? Absolutely not. But having a great running game makes the QB position a lot easier.

Anonymous said...

Andrew J. Ogilvy

Aaron said...

Forger baseball, if we are talking about time frames it has to be Cutler. Look at the Pro-bowl, no one wants to play in it and plenty of people will back out and Jay will make it as a default guy if his team has 9 wins. Look at Tony Romo, who made it by only playing 8 games. Price will have to have a couple of years to play up and get the chance to start a season before he will make it.

Byars has no chance in Philly, lets be honest, he is a good player but he is not top 20 in the east even in the rookie class!

Nick Johnson said...

David Price no doubt. He is a Cy Young waiting to happen.

Anonymous said...

Cutler is very good!

Godspeed Cutler