Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: #1 Overall Seed Edition

I'm sure, like me, you all were glued to the television yesterday around 12:30 EDT to see where Vanderbilt would be seeded and who they would be playing in the opening weekend of the NCAA Tournament. In case you missed it, Vanderbilt was rewarded for their stellar 51-11 record and their SEC Regular Season and Tournament Championships with the #1 overall seed in the 64-team draw. For good reason. Tim Corbin's team is 14-4 against NCAA Tournament teams, including an impressive 7-4 record against #1 seeds. Mo Patton, in today's Tennessean, has a great run-down of how Vanderbilt got here and what the team will be up against in their opening weekend. Never far behind, Brett Hait notes that this Vanderbilt team is "Ready to Host Regional" in today's Nashville City Paper. To see footage of yesterday's announcement, click here and select "Watch NCAA Selection Show Footage." Vanderbilt will face-off against Austin Peay of Clarksville, Tennessee at 8 EDT on Friday. Michigan and Memphis round out the Nashville region.

Vanderbilt played Austin Peay twice this season, taking both games over the Governors, once in Nashville, and once up I-24 in Clarksville. Austin Peay is 39-20 on the year and went 6-8 against opponents both they and the Commies played this season. The Governors are 2-4 against SEC opponents (including Vanderbilt), while Vanderbilt went 11-2 against common opponents. Depending on Friday's results, Vanderbilt will face Michigan or Memphis in some capacity on Saturday. Michigan is 0-1 against common opponents and 0-1 against the SEC (Vanderbilt is 1-0 against common opponents); Memphis is 5-9 against common opponents and 0-4 against the SEC (Vanderbilt is 9-2 COs).

Brett Hait double-dips in the City Paper today with a great profile of Vanderbilt's "Rudy," Jason Cunningham. Tennessean columnist Joe Biddle highlights the "mind games" employed by Vanderbilt Head Coach Tim Corbin.

Despite sloppy copy on the web page, it appears people are beginning to rethink their initial outrage at Chancellor Gee's decision to abolish the athletic department in 2003. This article, written by Glenn Guilbeau, appeared in today's Gainesville Sun.

I got my SEC Tournament Championship shirt, have you?

Not much to report in the Life of Bobby. Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend. I know most of you are already counting down until next weekend (and not just because of the NCAA Tournament). No new Sopranos or Entourage this weekend, but they will be back this Sunday. We are officially in the doldrums of summer TV. I imagine my Netflix usage will increase significantly. If you've got any titles, feel free to share them with the group.

Hoser of the Week, despite having bypassed announcing anyone for the past two weeks, will be back.

Make VSL your source for Vanderbilt's drive to Omaha all week long.

(Photos courtesy of VUCommodores.com)


Stanimal said...

If you haven't already engaged yourself in "The Wire", I highly recommend it.

Douglas James said...

I'm ashamed to admit it but i have never watched any of the Godfather movies so I just added those to my Blockbuster list.....in case anyone was wondering. Also if I don't get the 3rd season of the wire from Blockbuster soon, there will be dire consequences.

Anonymous said...

1. Dr. Strangelove
2. SlapShot
3. Magnolia
4. The Big Lebowski
5. Rope

In that order.

Anonymous said...

Bull Durham

Anonymous said...

Pootie Tang, starring Bob Costas.