Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Sold Out Edition

There is definitely a buzz in the air about the Vanderbilt Commodores. The baseball team is on top of the world, heading into the NCAA Tournament as the #1 overall seed; the men's golf team has earned a spot in the NCAA Tournament field; and it appears another Vanderbilt coach is the object of other schools' affection. With that, let's get right to it.

AP Writer Dennis Waszak Jr. writes that "Vanderbilt is the team to beat."
Mo Patton, not to be outdone by Brett Hait's "Rudy" article yesterday, has his own homage to the underdog story of Jason Cunningham in today's Tennessean. Brett Hait analyzes the relative stability of VU's pitching staff in the Nashville City Paper. As Brett writes, as far as Tim Corbin is concerned, "it will be a matter of simply filling in a lineup card." According to the Hait piece, David Price with work game 1 against Austin Peay, Matt Minor will pitch in game 2, and Cody Crowell will work game 3 should the Commies advance that far.

Two articles and a press release highlight how the Vanderbilt regional is sold out: Nashville City Paper, Tennessean,

Mo Patton double-dips in today's Tennessean with an article about how the men's golf team has their "Young players streaking at the right time" heading into the NCAA Tournament. The City Paper also has a preview.

Vanderbilt coaches have been popular (and DeFAKA guru David Williams busy fielding phone calls) this off-season. Vanderbilt women's golf coach Martha Richards has emerged as a candidate at Georgia, Texas, and Texas A&M according to a report by Bryan Mullen in the Tennessean.

That's all I got. Go Commies.


Stanimal said...

94 days until football season

Woody said...

The question still lingers: Where is Christiani?

Douglas James said...

Is that some D.C. joke Woody? Ugh I hate having a job again.

Woody said...

Not at all. Nick Christiani was a starter at the begining of the season. I suppose Cody Crowell as usurped him after his stellar outing in Hoover.

Christiani is still active on the roster. He has thrown 66 innings, fourth most on the team. Granted, the fact that he has 34 BBs with 54 Ks may have sealed his fate as a reliever for the postseason. He also has opposing BA of .263, second highest behind Brett Jacobson. Only Price has walked more batters(29); of course, when you've thrown 123 innigs, struck out 175, and have an ERA of 2.71, you're allowed to do that.