Thursday, April 26, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Talk Amongst Yourselves

I am busy and there isn't that much to talk about, so I'm turning over today's Hotline to your wild imaginations. Vanderbilt baseball won 12-10 last night, consider yourselves informed.

Note to readers, I am a moron, so read the real Hotline below penned by the Stanimal himself.

I came upon this on Drudge...and it's worth a read. Be prepared to be shocked.


Anonymous said...

No. 7 Arkansas beat No. 10 Wichita State, 10-2 last night thanks to a seventh inning grand slam.

I want my two hours back of watching that crap American Idol last night.

Houston Nutt was in my hometown speaking to the South Arkansas Razorback Club yesterday evening. No doubt he spent the latter part of the evening sending naughty text messages to our local female news correspondent.

The St. Louis Cardinals need to pick it up and FIND THE BATS.

Part of me actually thinks Golden State might just pull off an upset in the series against the Mavs. Another part of me thinks the Spurs are going to win the whole thing.

Bowling is not a sport.

-Boyer in the District

Anonymous said...

the NCAA released their offical RPI, Vandy was in 1st very impressive! My Patriots were in the 100s somewhere, but that's ok, we have nice warm NCAA basketball Final Four banner to keep us warm at night.