Thursday, April 19, 2007

Blatant Rip-off of the Dan Patrick Show: Who is the Sanjaya of Sports?

It's an absolutely fantastic question. Extra credit for those of you who can keep it Vanderbilt or at least SEC related. I know people hate the American Idol theme, but if you claim to not know who Sanjaya is, you are straight-up lying. Just go with it, it's a good question.

I'm going with Phil Fulmer. He hasn't gotten it done for some time (like Sanjaya after making it as one of the finalists), every season (week) he is on the hot seat, and I don't know anyone who claims to like him, yet someone he continues (or at least continued) to hang around.

I anticipate Boyer in the District making the same arguement for his boy Houston Nutt.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Look at Houston Nutt this way:

He's never really gotten it done (sure, he's made it to a few bowl games - rarely winning them, of course).

He has bad seasons peppered in with decent ones (just as Sanjaya is/was week to week).

No one that I know personally likes him at all (or will admit it, at any rate).

Look at it like this -- He's got a LOT of people voting against him. Frank Broyles' vote, however, is worth a few million, whereas folks like me probably aren't even counted due to a computer glitch.

Lauren said...

Tanya Harding. No Doubt.

Anonymous said...

Mike Nardi -- that guy started at Nova for four years and sucked every minute he was out on the floor.

Stanimal said...

MJ Garrett, Wide Receiver, Vanderbilt.

For those of you who don't know MJ, he's the individual who made an appearance on The Real World - Philadelphia in 2004.

For whatever reason, during his career at Vanderbilt, people seemed to consider him to be a quality wide receiver. I find that difficult to believe since he was never able to amass over 450 yards receiving in a single year, and never more than 4 TDs in a season. Not to mention he operates this web site:

If this isn't Sanjaya-ish, I don't know what is.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna go with Stan here.

The hair puts MJ over the top. That guy sucks...big time.

Bobby O'Shea said...

Despite fundamentally agreeing with Stan's MJ pick, I would be remiss if I didn't throw David Przybyszewski into the conversation. This guy was terrible. And, like Sanjaya, he was more of an oddity than anything else. Despite all this people still liked him.

Anonymous said...

Joakim Noah - on looks alone.

Lauren said...

Bobby 0. We have been friends for a long time. Over the years, you have made many blatant and shameless attempts to offend me. I can think of one specific time where you came close, but generally, you have never succeeded. But, this is it. Now you have done it. I can imagine you, delighted at your suggestion and in anxious anticipation of my response. In fact, it probably brings you joy to know that your comparison of Dawid to Sanjaya hurts me at my core. And to put him in the mix with Tanya Harding, c'mon. How could you? Dawid is a gentle giant who loves house, techno, trance and putt-putt. He is also an outstanding basketball player and happens to be quite tall. Can we please remove his name from this discussion?

Anonymous said...

Rachel Ray.

Yapping on and on about recipes nobody will ever try.

But she does look pretty good.

Many guys would love to "put their pasta in HER pot"

Douglas James said...

Dawid is an AWFUL basketball player.....i'm not sure if he grabbed 1 rebound in 4 years....i saw him DJ techno parties about 3 times more often then block out under the basket. That being said MJ Garrett is so the winner of this coversation. I don't know anything about this Sanjaya guy except a) he is on american idol so he sucks b) american idol people think he sucks which means he is up for the worst person ever....also MJ would still come to Sportsmans on tuesday night after his real world season, just begging someone to care....sorry no one did

Bobby O'Shea said...


You better be careful, my lady friend thinks her and Rachel are BFF

Anonymous said...

Rachel Ray - are you KIDDING ME?! That's HILARIOUS!!

She's annoying as hell, but I can't take my eyes off the spectacle that is 30 minute meals.

Anonymous said...

Because she looks like she can cook between the sheets.