Thursday, April 19, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Panic Button Edition

I said I'd do it yesterday is Vanderbilt's baseball team lost to Middle Tennessee. Vanderbilt did lose to MTSU, so I am doing it...I am hitting the panic button. After 21 straight OOC wins, Vanderbilt dropped its second game in as many days to a non-SEC opponent by falling to Middle 11-8 yesterday in Mufreesboro. The Blue Raiders' upset gives Papa O'Shea bragging rights, and leaves Tim Corbin scratching his head about what is going on. Vanderbilt was able to eek out a series win in Kentucky, but did not play especially well in Lexington this past weekend. With the Volunteers of Tennessee coming into Nashville for a 3 game set beginning on Friday, this is no time for the Commies to fall apart. The Nashville City Paper's recap notes that Vanderbilt begins a 7 game home stand this weekend, which is just the place for them to get back on the right track. Vanderbilt has only lost 2 games at Hawkins Field this season against Tennessee, Tennessee Tech next Wednesday, and Florida next weekend.

Mo Patton, further demonstrating that he leaves no Vanderbilt sports stone unturned, has a great profile in today's Tennessean about freshman golfer Jacqui Concolino and her prospects in the upcoming SEC Tournament in West Point, Mississippi. Going into the weekend, Concolino is considered a "favorite" for Player of the Year honors according to Mo. When Jacqui wins, it'll give her something and our man DB to talk about.

It's a big weekend for the country club sports of Vanderbilt, with the men's tennis team facing off against Mississippi State in the opening round of the SEC Tournament, the women's tennis playing a yet to be determined opponent tomorrow in Lexington, and the men's golf team playing for an SEC title in Sea Island, Georgia. The lady laxers protected their house on Senior Day, beating #6 Notre Dame 13-9. They end their season at Cornell next weekend, and at Johns Hopkins on May 4th. Not for nothing, but those are some good looking seniors.

My streak of picking all of the bottom-three was snapped last night on Idol. The only one I got was LeKisha, but was glad she's not the one going home. As Mr. Tony said, "our long national nightmare is over" with the dismissal of Sanjaya. I found myself feeling bad for him last night because he was completely dumped on, with that said, he was awful and had to go.

The countdown to Rites of Spring in on. The Rites get under way tomorrow, hopefully College Radio will be our on-site correspondent.

Hoser of the Week is up, we've got 4 nominations, but I am convinced we can do better.

4 days until Bobby's big-day, but the festivities will actually be getting under way tonight as I will be attending a gathering not in my honor, but one in which I intend to enjoy myself as if it were. Stanimal and the rentals touch down tomorrow, and from that point on, it's anyone's guess what will happen.

Finally, the DC Dores dropped their first game yesterday at the hands of the Wildcats of Villanova. Villanova was one of the strongest teams in the league last year (or so I'm told), whether or not that's why they were such sticklers for the rules (some of which I have never heard of, by the way), is for those smarter than I to determine. After a very rough first inning, the Commie alums settled down and began to show signs of life. As the team gels, there is no reason to think that this team isn't capable of great things. Bobby not choking with the bases loaded, and Woody having a reasonable strike zone would probably help to.

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Woody said...

I'll admit, I'm no ump.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to meeting Stanimal!

WAR Arkansas firing Houston Nutt and
WAR Phil Stacy being the new Sanjaya

-Boyer in the District

Bobby O'Shea said...

Chris Richardson is much worse than Phil...although he too is awful.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Chris Richardson is a pear-shaped loser.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that bothers me about Phil is he reminds me of Sean Patrick Flannery in the mid 1990s film "Powder."

And what's up with the eyes? He looks like Gary Condit.

Anonymous said...

American Idol still SUCKS