Friday, April 20, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Bobby Fest Begins

What up VSL reader(s)? I saw many of you last night, which means you appreciate how difficult it is for me to write this thing. It's just my luck that there are a lot of articles about Vanderbilt sports for me to reference. At least for today, finding them should count for something.

Here's what we've got. Vanderbilt looks to "right the ship" against UT this weekend. Tim Corbin's boys host the Vols for a 3 game set at Hawkins Fields starting tonight. Brett Hait is all over the place today in the Nashville City Paper, and highlights another Vanderbilt pitcher (Casey Weathers) who has drawn the attention of the big league scouts. Our man Mo Patton highlights in today's Tennessean the success CTC has had with in-state recruits.'s Will Matthews has an article talking about CTC's relationship with some of the Volunteers from his time as the coach of the US National Team.

Brett Hait's got an interview with Coach Kevin Stallings in the City Paper that is an interesting read. In it, CKS claims all discussion about him going to either Iowa or Michigan were overblown.

Rites of Spring and Bobbyfest get under way tonight. The rentals will be making the trip down 95 and have assured me that my seersucker collection will be in tow. This is important as I am trying to keep up with Boyer in the District's extreme preppiness. There is a rumor that the big guy will have another column soon, but if I were you, I wouldn't hold my breath.

Huey Lewis and the News May 31st at Wolftrap, mark your calenders.

Birthday edition of the podcast with a plethora of guests this weekend. The only problem I foresee is that everyone who listens to the podcast will probably be in my basement/apartment while I am taping. Hopefully they think I am funnier the more times they hear him...although that theory hasn't exactly panned out with my lady friend.

Bobby's on fire....OUT.


Bobby O'Shea said...

Whoever is reading this on the equator (Seamus?), Hong Kong, or the Phillipines, welcome. This just goes to show you the VSL is global.

Anonymous said...

Just wait until the purple seersucker suit comes out with the pink bow tie. There's nothing better than sitting out on the back porch on a warm spring Saturday morning in seersucker..sipping on a 15 year old Laphroig and admiring the dogwood blooms!

Last night was merely a preface!

Bobby O'Shea said...

With one comment, Boyer has taken us all back to the antebellum South...

Anonymous said...

Huey Lewis - July 12th - Dubuque Iowa county fair. Opening for "Loverboy" on the "whatever happened to" tour.

Free with your $4 county fair ticket.