Friday, March 23, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Just when I think I'm out, I pull myself back in...

So I know I said that there wouldn't be a Hotline today, but the truth of the matter is one, the eight of you reading this need me; two, Vanderbilt is getting a lot of love far and wide in today's papers; and three, I really don't have anything better to do.

For those of you who missed last night's UT/OSU game last night, it was a beauty. I don't actually know, because I feel asleep with about 7 minutes to go...but I've heard great things. It was a strange sensation actually rooting for Vomit Orange. While part of it was the desire to have the State of Tennessee go 3 for 3 in Sweet 16 games, the real reason is that I love Bruce Pearl.In fact, I am announcing today the formation of the Vanderbilt Chapter of the Bruce Pearl fan club. With that said, let's get into it.

While the merits of my Georgetown preview have already been called into question, I invite my audience to judge for themselves. Vanderbilt is playing the Rodney Dangerfield card in the Nashville City Paper, but Georgetown doesn't appear to be looking past our beloved Commies. As Bobby's adopted hometown paper writes today, tonight's match-up in East Rutherford will be against "Seasoned Teams." The Houston Chronicle makes it sounds like Vanderbilt is going to get its lunch money taken in the runway before of after the game. I wonder if this reporter is friends with Mark Carig? Billy Packer appears to be impressed with the commies, let's just hope Seth Davis goes the other way.

In the understatement of the season, Mo Patton writes in today's Tennessean that Vanderbilt's defense has a "tall order" against the Hoyas. I really like where Ross is head is in this article in that he is does respectful and confident. Vanderbilt has played and beaten teams with very good front courts all season long. There is no reason tonight should be any different. Mo Patton, perhaps because he reads VSL, or perhaps because he is the freaking beat reporter and more in the know than all of us, writes about Ross and how a little offensive production tonight would go a long way tonight. The adoration of (SEC Player of the Year) Derrick Byars continues. And here's something you don't see every day: a feature on Ted Skuchas in today's Philadelphia Inquirer.

If you are playing the Vanderbilt Drinking Game early in the morning, you should take a sip every time you finish a paragraph in this LA Times article about how Vanderbilt values the "Student over the athlete." There is a nice piece in the paper of record about Vanderbilt and Davis Nwankwo’s new lease on life.

Commodore Nation is uniting to watch the game. Here is a run-down of Alumni Association viewing parties in your area: Atlanta, Boston, Chattanooga, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, New York , Palm Beach, San Francisco, St. Louis, and Washington, D.C. . Make sure to drink your Drinking Game rules. If you are going to game, check out the National Commodore Club gathering in East Rutherford, and find Seamus and I, we'll be the guys singing Back in Black or Glory Days with matching bottles of George Dickle (The official Tennessee Sour Mash of the Vanderbilt Sports Line).

Woody's got a great preview of Vanderbilt's big series in Fayetteville this weekend against the Razorbacks of Arkansas. Our man Brett Hait talking about two Vanderbilt pitchers breaking into the rotation, and the Tennessean sets the stage for Vanderbilt and Arkansas' lefty aces going at it today.

There appears to be an open competition for the starting linebacker spot during spring practice.

By my count, the top 10 in the Vanderbilt Sports Line Bracket Challenge is an even 5/5 split between the guys and the ladies. Way to go ladies.

We also have a pretty interesting debate going on the potential ramifications for Vanderbilt with the openings at Michigan and Iowa. Sound off.

PETA's not happy with they must be doing something right.

We're off to East Rutherford, but we will have either a recap or a podcast (or both) up tomororw.

Go Commies!


Anonymous said...

Hoya Paranoia IS BACK!!!!

Anonymous said...

So, we got screwed. Anything new?

Looking on the bright side, the Hoser of the Week should be a pretty easy call.

Unknown said...

this is ridiculous... I am so pissed. Why don't you call a timeout? Why? And why do you give the ball to Gordon? Last shot, you don't give it to Gordon. Devastating.

Anonymous said...

2.5 seconds left, you can't exactly expect a great shot. Maybe we should have called time, maybe not. Shouldn't have come to that though, if the rules were enforced.

Anonymous said...

bruce pearl could be . . . no, is gay. not that there's anything wrong with that. and, whoever wrote the article, please tell me you were drunk because, with grammar like that you should have graduated from puke orange UT. and i'm sorry that tonight turned out so horrible, as i wanted vandy to win, but i hope you all drank plenty of water before going to sleep. i know some commodore alumn in DC that didn't and boy, they're paying for it tomorrow morning.