Saturday, March 24, 2007

VU Screwed

Jeff Green walked. There is really no doubt about that. We can discuss later how proud we are of the team and the way they played, but the fact remains that Vanderbilt was hosed. The game was very unevenly called and the referees should be ashamed of their part in last night's contest. We will be back later in the day with a post and or podcast discussing the game and where we go from here.


Douglas James said...

I don't want to talk about the Vandy game....but I did learn some valuable life lessons from Papa O'Shea at around 2 am last night.
1) Duke invented jumping up and down
2) No blood, no foul (Big Ten Rule)
3) Chicago (the band)...was ok in the 60's, sucked in the 70's and have gotten progressively worse since then.
4)He was an excellent basketball coach.

Anonymous said...

douglas james
your a sick 'puppy'....
thxs for coming by last night!!