Friday, March 23, 2007

Vanderbilt Basketball Drinking Game: Sweet 16 Edition

It's the Sweet 16, and it's time for a revised Vanderbilt Basketball Nationally Televised Drinking Game. Vanderbilt's game against The Georgetown Hoyas tips off at 7:27 with Jim Nantz and Billy Packer on the call. Seamus and I will be at the game, but we would encourage everyone wathcing it with other Vanderbilt fans to print out the rules and play along wherever you are.

  • Take a sip whenever they make a reference to the elevated court and how difficult it is to play in Memorial.

  • Drink for 5 seconds whenever a reference is made to Vanderbilt not having an athletic department.

  • "Live by the three, die by the three" will earn you 3 seconds.

  • Every time they mention Georgetown's size advanatage, stand on our tippy-toes, take a sip, and sing "I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller, I wish I had a girl who looked good I would call her."

  • Any reference to Vanderbilt being "the Harvard of the South" or a "fine academic institution" is worth 4.0 seconds.

  • Any time Georgetown goes on a run of 8-0 or over without Stallings call a time out, drink every 5 seconds until he does or Vanderbilt hits a three to blunt the momentum.

  • When they mention the match-up of SEC Player of the Year Derrick Byars and Big East Player of the Year take a sip.

  • If they mention that Vanderbilt has won 6 games against top-25 opponents this season, drink for 6 seconds. 6 wins, 6 seconds.

  • If Billy Packer says anything condescending at the Commies, take a sip.

  • If Jim Nantz says some thing corny, take a sip.

  • There are clearly others, if add them in the comments section and I will try and update before the game.


    Tom said...

    Take 4 sips when they talk about how Byars' transfer to Vandy only happened due to Adam Payton going to W&M, 2 for Adam and 2 for Derrick.

    Woody said...

    With Billy Packer calling the game, there's a good chance, that due to rule 9 (or so, I counted quickly) we'll all be drunk 5 minutes into the game.